Do you ever feel like a freak?

When people question you? think you’re crazy? think you’ll harm them in some way… and you have no intention to but you feel scared … feel ■■■■ because they think you will… and you’re not that person… but i feel extremely disheartred anyone would think that way about me cos i have a mi condition… that makes me somehow more dangerous than anyone else. :frowning: it upsets me so much i don’t even deserve a life to live.

I never feel awkward. I’m just a regular guy with a mental illness. I can still talk and act normally. I also don’t have self-defeating thoughts or attitude. I keep an upbeat attitude about the present and the future.

i’ve never experienced this and i have always been upbeet or whatever. I never let it hold me back. i work i go to groups and most the time it doesn’t cross my mind. but im upset anyone would think that way about me. reprt me to police? ok i understand that i could be anyone and they need to feel safe but it still hurts me.

any normal person who tells me i am too much or annoying after 3 days of meeting me… lol you find me annoying? try spending a lifetime with my mind. I live wiht it everyday.

Hmmmm I’ve never been told that I am “too much”, except maybe in a good sense, like when I used to joke around all the time. That was before the illness. I don’t know, maybe you have some personality issues unrelated to your mental illness. Do you talk to a psychologist about this?

Sorry that you’re feeling this way! Some people are just uneducated and fear what they don’t know. I have known some people that think schizophrenic people are serial killers or sociopaths and have talked openly about it without even knowing that I have it. Ignore it. They are not worth your time. Some people will not like you and that is okay! They are not the people you are meant to be around. :slight_smile:

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I mean, your mental illness doesn’t define you. And if you have other personality traits that seem to bother people, you can work to identify and correct them, with a psychologist. For instance, maybe you talk too much or too fast with people you’ve just met, and they just can’t handle it… I don’t know, just taking guesses here.

My family makes me feel "crazy"
Many of my family members just don’t get mental illness.

The funny thing is most of my family members are personality disordered individuals, the worst kind of “crazy”.

They target and focus on me making me the Scapegoat so they feel better about themselves.

Many of my family members lack Empathy and choose to worship materialism.