Why is it that

If I say on here

I’m an idiot I feel ok

When I say on here

I am amazing

I feel terribly uneasy.

So I cancel all the I’m amazing that I have said on here.

Does anyone else get that too?

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Maybe you’ll feel better if I say it.

You’re amazing!

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Being uncomfortable feeling positive about yourself seems to be a theme amongst people with mental illness.

I guess maybe it’s because if you don’t feel solid within yourself, the fear is always there that someone will knock you down, just as you’re trying to lift yourself up. I don’t see that happening here, though. People seem pretty supportive

I think you’re pretty cool, by the way :+1:


Thanks blush blush, for being nice to me and,

Happy birthday :)!!

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Thanks for the encouragement I think you’re a great guy yourself, :))

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