Do you drive? I don't do you?

i haven’t drove in over two years. I have relied on a bus to get me to my doctor’s appointments and my Aunt to get me to the grocery store. For the first time I was late for the bus coming out of the doctor’s office and they left me behind and refused to get me with another bus. In fact the dispatcher said that I should walk home all eight miles in -25 windchill. Well my doctor took me home on his lunch. I had a meltdown that I still haven’t recovered from. I don’t get enough to maintain a car and carry the insurance. So I am stuck. Anyone else have stories? Or do you drive?

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Life is hardly affordable living on disability… You still end up stuck being a dependent. I happen to have a good car and my parents pay for insurance. I’d rather live with the folks and have a car then live on my own… Probably what I’ll be doing until I get a job. I’ll probably loose my disability but with even an entry level full time job I’d earn more then disability pays.

They really need to pool all the disability money and just create a utopian estate for people with disabilities. Complete with doctors and a cafeteria. Then we wouldn’t need cars and we could still socialize… Its a ridiculous idea though. Pipe dream. I dont even think I like it.


From 1990-95 I lived in a board & care home and the owner did not allow any resident to own or drive a car. So I walked or took the bus everywhere. That included a trip for more than an hour to my work 4 or 5 days a week and an hour back. I also took the bus for a half hour trip to college two days a week and on weekends an hour and half trip to visit my sister. I was also taking the bus or walking to 5 or 6 AA, CA, and NA meetings a week. In1995 I moved in with my sister and a year later I got a car and I’ve been driving ever since. I’ve had three different cars since 1996. My car insurance is unbelievably cheap. I pay about $240.00 a year. Since 1996 I’ve been in one accident that was my fault and three or four minor accidents that were the other drivers fault.


I have been driving (most everyday) for the last 34 years, and currently own 2cars and 1motorcycle (yamaha) and 1 Vespa GTS250.
I like to drive, but could always ride my bicycle or walk to the store 10 minutes away.

I have a little Honda that just keeps going and going. I do drive, but getting down town is such a pain in a car. Much easier on my nerves to take the bus or train.

For my job, I’m in the city truck and sometimes it’s my turn to drive. :worried:


I drive…a lot.

er’y day…

I haven’t driven in about fifteen years. I have delivered pizza for a living, and I did a fair amount of driving then. Living on SSI, I don’t see myself being able to afford a car anytime soon. I intend to live in a small town that I can walk to everywhere I need to go. I’ll have to rely on public transportation and the greyhound bus for long trips.

hope you are feeling better.
take care :alien:

Honda’s are good. If you take care of them, they take care of you.
My mom bought her Civic new in 1988, and it has only 42,000. miles on it.
She never missed a maintenence and has been the only driver, still looks brand new. She says when she dies it will be mine.
Then my 1997 honda civic will have a sister, mine only has 70,000. miles on it.
The cars will outlast us both!


Honda’s are one of the most reliable cars you can buy. I used to have a 1990 Accord. If I had my druthers I would get an old Datsun 240Z. Those were great cars. I think they were considered sports cars. Nice cars.

42,000 miles? That’s kind of amazing. Obviously that’s pretty low mileage.

She is that stereotypical “little old lady who only drives it on Sunday to church”
actually it’s more like to “Michaels art and craft store”.
That car has never been parked outside overnight in it’s life, only in her garage-which is carpeted!
People are always asking her to consider them if she wants to sell it.

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I do not have an auto and so I do not drive. My little town is so little that I do not need an auto and I can manage to do things by riding my bicycle or taking a local bus. Now the spring and the summer is coming and I can ride my bicycle more.

Even with agoraphobia, and a lot of anxiety and paranoia, I drive.
I own a car but dont drive a lot. I basically use it to drive to my local supermarket and haul groceries.
I sometimes take it to my doctors appointments, but I usually will drive with my Dad in the car when I travel more than 15 min away

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I can’t drive. Can’t concentrate enough. I used to drive, though.

I drive a lot. My car is a 2009 Ford Taurus with all-wheel drive, so I can drive in the ice and snow common to this part of the world. Driving acts as a focus for me, it lets me just concentrate on one thing and not worry about the thousand other things going on in my life, but it can become frustrating and anxiety-inducing by itself, especially in the city. Fortunately, I live in the country outside a small town, so I don’t do too much city driving, but my pdoc is in the city so I have to drive myself there and it always scares me.

I hope I never get to the point where I can’t drive, I love the freedom it offers me, to be able to just get in my car and go somewhere, without having to rely on others to get me places. Also, very few of my friends drive, so I’m usually responsible for transportation when we all meet up.

Got rid of my car a few years ago (last year(I think)). Relying on public transport now. Miss not driving. Love the freedom of just pretty much being able to get away in an instant. The maintenance and cost to keep it on the road I don’t miss however. Was a financial thing at the time for getting rid of out. Although my concentration wasn’t the best either. Main thing was paranoia that I was being followed. So often ended up changing directions to at least ease my mind a bit.

I cancelled my driver’s license 6 months ago. Too much paperwork and I don’t own a car, never have. I have two years left to take my license back and I’ll probably do it on my birthday. I rely on my parents a lot for transportation, especially groceries and going to the clinic once a month. Apart from that I’m always home, I’ll take the bus and subway when I have a little money to go to the shopping mall.

I’m looking forward to having a car in the future, they make me fill a yearly form because I told the clerk I had SZ as a medical condition, and it’s like what’s the point, the meds don’t prevent us from driving, they cancelled my license twice when my pdoc wrote I had substance abuse problems but still that has nothing to do with the illness. I’m going to ask them how to get off the medical exams when I get it back.