Do you drive? I don't do you?

That was nice of your doctor!
My son`s license was suspended many years ago. He has never expressed any desire to get it back

I drive,but I don’t drive well…especially on unfamiliar road…

I wrecked my car about 2 years ago. The powers that be thought it best that I quit driving, after considering the medicines I take among other things. I walk or take the train. I hope I can remain on foot.

Drive most every day. Have been driving for just over 30 years with no tickets or accidents (my fault) until two weeks ago. Got into a minor fender bender in order to avoid a head-on with a blue hair who was barreling down the middle of the road. Not a huge deal, but I’m still annoyed at having my ‘perfect record’ messed with.

Drive a mini-van, a SUV, and also a GrandAm. Also volunteer drive a school bus once or twice a week. I’m licensed to drive a full-sized bus with air brakes. My doctor is aware of my Sz and has no issue signing the medical approval for me to operate a bus. I’m pretty stable.

I was in rough shape when first DXed and thought I would never drive again. Turns out I was wrong. Have faith.

In other news, I was surfing around and found a pic of a bike I used to own just before the Sz clobbered me. Same year, model, and colour:

1982 Suzuki GS 550 Katana. Miss that puppy.