Do you drive? Do you have a vehicle?


I stopped driving about two years ago. I ran a redlight + hit a car, my first accident in 35 years of driving. My brothers talked me/rather forced me into it, considering the medicines I’m on + possible legal things that might happen if I seriously injured some one.

I think in some states you can be you can be considered to be driving under the influence of psychiatric drugs + it can help determine you’re to blame in an accident, by whoever… All of my medicine bottles say they can impair driving ability.

My last vehicle was a green Nissan King Cab.


I don’t drive. I kind of have a hangup about it. For years I was pretty suicidal and thought longingly of driving into a wall. It became an activity I now avoid because of how I felt about that in the past.


I hesitatte to tke my driver’s licence until I’ve had a few psychosis-free years behind me. Thus I make sure I won’t have a crisis during a roadtrip o something, which would be horrible.

We do not own a car, for the moment as we have no use for it. I live in a town where public transportation is good enough, I can make the great majority of distanes by foot and owning a thing that consumes more fuel to carry itself than it does to carry me - just does not seem fair to the environment.

When we will have to make deliveries and I would have had some psychosis-free time behinfd me, I’ll reconsider all of this.


I have a 95 240sx with a sr20det which is turbo charged. I live close to town so i drive where ever I need to go. It has a stage clutch so getting off of 1st can be kind of harsh. I enjoy driving and its quite fun, especially on those straight aways. I prefer riding shotgun instead if I have a choice.


I drive. I have a car. I drive at work too. But not when sleep messes me up. Can’t drive sleepy.


I can drive. I lost my car to repossession in November and have been relying on the bus ever since.


I got my drivers license at 16. I don’t know why they gave me a drivers license at 16 but they did. If you think mental illness is scary…imagine me driving around town at 16…I wasn’t even mentally ill back then but it was a scary concept.

My first car was a ford Taurus wagon that my brother had already driven half way to the scrap heap. My second vehicle was a ford van with red interior lights and a bronze eagle strapped to the grill until someone stole it.

I’ve driven several cars in my life. My last two vehicles were chevy’s. I’ve been told I’m a good and cautious driver.

And yes I’ve heard of the DMV in my state anyway permanently revoking someones privilege of driving based on having a mental illness. So I wouldn’t personally tell anyone with the DMV that I had a mental illness. They don’t need to know in my opinion.


I do think it is possible to have someone among us to be able to drive 3-tonne truck, or forklift?