Do you cut your own hair or do you shave your head?


I go to my hairdresser and get a trendy haircut or change a their color tone a little bit, sometimes my mom cuts it for me, she’s good at that. I love my hair color matching my eye’s :blush:
I wanted to shave it off one day, but I’m a girl, so I felt that I would feel sorry once it’s gone, it’s hard going from so long hair to no hair !


My hair is short. I wanted to grow it a little longer and I used to color it for many years. Now most of it is gray. Because I need shoulder replacements I could no longer color my own hair (I can’t raise my arms to my head)and I can’t afford to pay to have it done, so I went “au natural”…My hair stylist, told me that my hair now makes me look old and she refused to listen to my instructions about leaving it a little longer…she freakin cut it all off. That was the last time I went to her. This last haircut, I went to a different place and was very happy with how she cut it. I do not pay my hair stylist to express her opinions of how I look nor do I need to let her have her way with my hair. It is up to me how she should cut it.


I shaved my head for the first time in a couple years a week or so ago. I had been just long enough for a pony tail but i get so tired of having hair sometimes, it gets greasy if i am having trouble showering regularly, and on some particular day it felt more like some kind of thing on my head grabbing at my face so i took my electric clippers to it. I kept a shaved head for years in my 20s, and when i was a teenager i used to razor it. the close-shave is too much trouble though, and i like having a tiny bit of hair to rub. (for good luck)
Like many of the posters, I also hate barber shops. I do not like the forced conversation, where they keep asking you questions because they don’t feel comfortable being quiet. I don’t like watching football or whatever they may have playing on their crusty old television set above hunting magazines and a mounted piece of horse dung with googly eyes and metal legs. Unfortunately, when i do need to go to get my hair cut, its places like that that give the best haircuts in my opinion. i also hate the feeling of a finger touching my face, which always happens when they use scissors for some kind of precision cut. and the sound of the scissors is unsettling.


Been cutting my own hair for near 3 decades.


I have cut my own hair since I was a teenager. It’s mostly because I don’t know where to go to get it cut, and also the expense. I hate my hair as it always looks thin and stringy, but I don’t think a hairstylist could do anything about that.


My mom buzzes my hair. I keep a military hairstyle, but my hair is super curly. Check it out! Me when I was 16 with my hair grown out!


That is a nice looking photo. Cherry Blossoms. :cherry_blossom:

I got rid of so many of my young photos. I was sure people would use them against me. I think my Mom has locked the rest away so I don’t try and burn them. I might have to ask for a few back now.