When is the last time you had a haircut?

I shaved my own head and beard using my old trusty WAHL clippers. I never went to a barber, I do it my self, its better, faster and free.


I got my hair buzzed off just this afternoon. I pay my barber $12 to do it. Besides not trusting myself to do it well, I’ve known my barber practically all of my life, dude’s like family. Part of going to him is just shooting the ■■■■ with him.


I got it buzzed down really short about three months ago and it’s grown out now…probably let it get fairly long before I buzz it off again.

I typically get my fade cut every 2 weeks costs me $25 that’s tip included plus my barber does a facial. But I’ve decided to let it grow out especially now with the corona virus. My barber see’s about 10-15 people a day so I figured it was a good time to let it grow out.

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LS! My barber has his shop around the corner. He is a bit weak minded. The last time I had a haircut there was just before Christmas. I intend to go there again soon. He charges me 21 euro and works almost an hour for it.

Every two weeks usually. I keep a high and tight still. Used to be every week in the military.

I did the same on Monday

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Last week of December 1997.

the last time I paid for a haircut was in phoenix Arizona about 7 years ago (age 28). before that I paid a barber to shave my head down in florida when I was 20.

but I do cut my own hair. typically I shave it, then let it grow kind of long.

well now I cut it more frequently because im losing my hair so I just accept it and don’t try to hide it with a combover.

I thought I was going to keep my hair until I was 50 as recently as last year, but my hair loss started up again when I grew my hair long last year.

I still have a good beard though.

January. So 3 months ago. Im saving out from short hair, im a girl. I want to have it longer again.

2017? I think 2017.

Shaved it around Thanksgiving

I go every month. Last month, it was free because it was my tenth visit. My barber is a really chill guy and knows exactly how I like it.

My hair was down my back, and I always have it back. I spent hours trying to get out tangles, and eventually, cut my hair very short. It’s been growing out over the past year.

I get my hair buzzed at home.
Got it done months ago.
I’m due for another buzz soon.

Hmmmm, probably close to 10 months ago.

Last month because I was going bald haha

I shaved bold last week.

Four months ago, hair trim and dyed darker.

I got my hair cut about three weeks ago. I already need another cut.