Do you cry? What makes you cry?

I do like once a year when I watch this movie from 1995 called Angel Baby about a schizophrenic couple.

I cried about a year ago when I was reading The Hunger Games for my class. When a character I liked got killed, I swear, a couple of tears rolled down my cheek.

A movie can make me cry for happiness or sadness, but real life hasn’t in over 30 years.

I wonder if it’s males that only cry for movies.

I cry if I get salt in my eyes :wink:

i cry tears of joy when i think about all ive been through, when i do something right, i cry tears of joy. but that’s it.

I cry when I’m struggling to explain my feelings, or if I’m in pain, but other than that I don’t really cry.

There are a few movies that make me cry no matter how many times I’ve seen it. The other Sister with Juliette Lewis and Diane Keaton makes me cry a couple times during the fight she has with her mom at the wedding, and at the end when…well I don’t really want to give away the ending. There’s an alternate ending to the movie 1408 with John Cusack & Samuel Jackson where he lives in the end and the part when he and his wife are unpacking at the end makes me cry…which is partly why I like the other ending when he dies because it doesn’t hit me so emotionally.

I do cry over shows or movies too. Castaway made me cry during psychosis. I felt isolated like him. Then, recently cried after watching last episode of Forever. I just lost friend to cancer, and for some reason the loss the character had made me feel more deeply the loss I had. I am weird that way.

I cry when I’m really stressed out over something, but only if I’m feeling overwhelmed and hopeless. Otherwise I just yell a lot and get snippy towards people (and apologize a whole bunch, and try not to keep doing it). Sadness doesn’t make me cry anymore, and I don’t think I’ve ever cried with joy.

I can’t be honest and at the same time pull out the “macho man” card. I get misty-eyed by movies that move me. I’ve owned a lot of reptiles and birds. I’ve lost a few reptiles along the way, and I lost 3 birds to a batch of contaminated food. Like @Twang said, I can’t remember the last time life in general made me cry…maybe a few years ago?

i cry about all the hurtful things in the past done to me

A sad movie will bring a tear to my eye. Real life? I don’t go there.

Not today…

I did something like that when I was taking geodon - Looking back iinto hurtful times + feeling the pain I couldn’t feel then.

I cry all of the time. I don’t cry as much as I did growing up though. I used to cry everyday in in middle school and high school pretty much. The last time I cried was just today, when I was watching a sermon on tv about a guy that was a translator for a preacher in Vietnam, that got thrown in prison for being accused of being a spy for the cia, even though he wasn’t. He had given up on his faith for less than a day, when he was sent to clean the latrines in the prison, and found a page of the bible in the trash can. He read it later, and it was about how nothing can separate us from the love of Christ, and he came back to his faith and eventually escaped to the usa. The time before that I cried just a couple of days ago because it was my grandma’s funeral. I can’t accept that she is gone. for the most part though, thinking about how I might be going to hell, or how Christ suffered on the cross, or about other Christians who are suffering and dying for their faith in other countries. Sometimes I cry because I feel like a failure, but I don’t cry about being a failure nearly as much as I used to.

i carried so many troubles my back is arched from all the burdens

i am wounded, i have great reasons to weep, i am not ashamed to cry

I cry when life’s get unbearable,when my mood symptoms flair up,I cried,mostly alone and no one else see it…

my past would bring a tear to a glass eye

Please share…I mean that seriously.

I did a poll on the exact same thing in case you’re interested…