Do you count calories for alcohol?

I’m on calorie controlled diet but been drinking to much alcohol. Do you count calories for alcohol?

You should count calories from alcohol. It’s still more calories. And it does affect weight.

Yes you certainly do !

Yes, alcohol calories count.

Yes alcohol really affected my weight. Now I can’t seem to loose it.

Yes they always say you should count those calories when on a diet. However, i used to be skinny as a rail. I was borderline under weight and was drinking a ton of regular pepsi.

Are you skinny now? Or have anti psychotics made you put on weight?

I’m 20 pounds overweight now. That was before I ever got on aps.

You count ALL calories when you’re on a calorie restricted diet. Also worth mentioning is that some calories aren’t so bad for you whereas some are decidedly worse. E.g. calories from celery (minimal to begin with) don’t count at all because you burn more calories using the calories from the celery than you get from the food. Calories from booze are at the opposite end of the scale and tend to have the most negative effect on weight loss. Calories from processed, pre-made foods are not quite as bad as those from hooch, but run a close second.

If you’re trying to lose weight then you need to go off booze, period. Sorry.

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You could get a temporary loss of weight from drinking alcohol because alcohol is a diuretic (It makes you piss a lot.) and losing some of the fluids in your body can cause a temporary loss of weight.

Which means you will get fatter and lose water weight at the same time.


I really have to stop drinking. Bad for weight.

I used to have some beers everyday. Really did hold me back because even a mid strength beer is 100 calories. You have 4-6 a night then it builds up quickly. I’m doing so much better losing by not drinking- way more healthy and I’m saving a fair bit of cash too. Nice to buy things with what i used to waste on alcohol.


I usually don’t because I love alcohol lol :laughing:

Oh absolutely. Alcohol is a lot of calories. A single shot of vodka is I believe 64 calories, just so you have an idea.

Not counting alcohol in your calories is a big mistake. You can easily go 100’s of calories over your limit with just one or two drinks.

If one indulges in alcohol on a frequent basis, then counting calories from alcohol is probably the most important part of their diet to count. It is the most wasteful calories and itd be best to monitor it. 100 calories of lean protein or veggies is waaaay more nutritious than 100 calories of alcohol.

As others have said, drinking a lot makes it ridiculously harder to lose weight. A glass of whine here and there probably won’t hurt, unless there is addiction involved, but chugging beer every night is going to make progress slow down to a snail’s pace. :snail:

It slows progress down both for the fact that it is a lot of wasteful calories, and heavy drinking leads to lower performance and functioning overall.

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After the 5th beer they don’t count anymore.

edit. I can’t count after 5 beers.

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