Anyone content with being on ssi/food stamps?

Tho i can understand it may not be enough for some people, people like me who share rent may find it liberating having time to simply do things without having a boss or strict schedule. Ive made music, youtube videos, artwork, prolifically posted on other forums, learned so much about various subjects. I feel wiser and more sustainable. I leave a light imprint on the environment and feel comfortable that I’m economically equal to a lot of other people. Technology has made our lives easier and the inevitable automated economy makes for socialism to be the norm in the future. 1 out of 3 jobs will be automated by 2025 its looking like. Technological unemployment is real and will require us to take a look at the standard labor for income and attempt to update it. Madatory earning a living seems outdated and barbaric imo. Thoughts?

i am on ssi. it is hard to afford life but i am in a lucky situation living with rent control and my mom.

if i had my way though i would work … to overwhelming for me

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What would you like to do? For me, my parents both worked for the state. Was always into video games, did very poorly in school because all i did was game, never was taught the value of money, was always just given to me. Im much more sustainable now which is great

anything LOL factory work maybe. i don’t really have a sufficient talent maybe accounting if i was really motivated

You have internet options like starting a blog, youtube channel, soundcloud, etc…