Are you a technological unemployment denier?

A big chunk of jobs will be automated in the near future. Srs, So are you a believer or denier of technological unemployment? If it’s true, socialism is the only sensible route imo

full blown technocracy is the way to go.

Believer. AI, cloud compute, and virtual robotics will combine to take many of the jobs away from various markets, from what I have heard about 40% of all current jobs by 2030. Middle classes will be hit hard again.

It all depends on what the upper class wants to do with the rest of the people when they can fully automate everything.

If the human collective has a soul it’d be the best thing for our future.

On the flipside they might just want to do away with us.

Still got a while before it culminates.

This doesn’t make sense soit

Ah man. The culling of the herd.

Conspiracy ■■■■ lol. Never makes sense or pans out.

I feel like we’re safe. Still think automation is a good thing. Will free people from drudgery and lower prices, allowing them to pursue higher interests like creativity and intellectual development.

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About 100 years ago 40% of Canadians were farmers, ranchers or worked in that industry. Today it’s around 3%. People simply trained for other careers. I’m sure that will happen again when cars become driverless or 3D printers become commonplace.


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I’ve seen it in action within manufacturers that I’ve worked for. It cut lower paying production jobs while creating skilled technical positions. Hence creating a more competitive workforce.

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I was reading this article about robots getting introduced into cottage industry that can make surf boards…

Fine… there are a lot of shitty second rate die cut boards…

But the best boards… the ones that are really worth the money… are the ones made by HUMANS who actually surf… and know how a board handles… and know what makes a good surfboard sing.

Robots can make a lot of violins but a Stradivarius is still made by humans.

Sure… there can be a lot of robots making stuff that humans use… but there is a human element to goods and services that make them more worth the money.

I have a feeling humans will adapt and create…


There is a lot to be said for couture product. It will never die. It’s just the question of what kind of quality one is looking for and what one is willing to pay.

We are becoming a disposable society with disposable instruments.

One can make the argument of planned obsolescence but in the long run WE are the ones that choose to consume these things. There are always alternatives. We bite at the marketing/packaging hype.

Now that I have little, I’m careful what I buy. I want to be “in love” with the product. Whether that product be an ink pen or a microwave, whatever…I guess what I’m trying to say, when I prepare to buy something, I’ll wait if I can’t afford what I know is the correct purchase.

*yes I meant to use couture like that, I like it.

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