Do you change your mind often?

I would love to change one thing about myself,which is after making a decision I hope I could hold on t the decision.I always change my mind when I were to make a decision,it frustrate me and put me in discomfort,also confuses others…

How’s your decision making?Is decision making connected to confidence level?

its all bcuz of illness … low @decision making…

My decision making is poor. For my particular situation, that isn’t bad. No one is depending on me. It is good that I always look at both sides of an issue. I’m a skeptic. I question everything.

I’ve learned to force myself to make decisions and now I’m very decisive. But it was a learned skill. I hate changing my mind though, so maybe that has something to do with it.


I have no choice in the matter

Last week I went to a meetup and feel satisfied about the time spent,so this week i also plan on going out with friends.

I had two meetup,one is with a new group of friends I just recently know,the other is with my buddy which I made in support group

My buddy wants me to follow him to the amusement park,it’s early in the morning Which means I had to missed a day work and also it’s expensive to enter the amusement park which only for a day,but he’s my best buddy

The new group of friends which I just made might be going to night club.i had never been a night club,so it would be a new experience for me if I go.It starts at 10pm,so I will just miss 3 hours of work,the cons is I might have to find a place to stay as we will probably be there until 3-4am,I think it’s hard to find someone who trust me enough to let me stay at their house

I am having difficult time making this decision…maybe I would not go anywhere lol

I just learned today that our executive functions of our brain are affected by this illness. I am often stymied by having a choice so much that I will often choose both options if I can like especially when buying something.

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I like to follow your way and train my decision making skills and be a more decisive person

I remember my old friend used to say that not decisive enough is a very bad part of me(sorry for English)

Yes,but I would not like to missed work,at the same time I want to make friends and connect with people,haha

Imagine you’re on a TV game show, and you have 60 seconds to make a decision

  1. Nightclub
  2. Park
  3. Work

What would you choose in 60 seconds, but you have to stick by your decision and not change your mind.


its not 4 me but i enjoy playing video games…

I enjoy too,Dota 2,FIFA 15,but now I am not as addicted as I was three weeks ago


have u played mortal combat x… r u playing in a ps or pc…

I often change my mind, its like why do I do that, and it just confuses the tar out of me.

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I play Dota 2 or FIFA 15 only lol

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ps or pc… brah…

I always second guess myself and then change my mind… and do it again… and change it again…

I would love to learn how to be more decisive.

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I change my mind a lot - I think its all part of my OCD

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Double like,haha

Oh!!didnt know OCD will cause this…