Are you able to make decisions easily and stick with them?

Are you able to make good, well thought out decisions? Once your decision is made are you able to stick with that decision and follow through? Or are you wishy washy like me and find yourself flip flopping all over the place?


I make decisions and stick to them but a lot are ill thought out or spontaneous. Over my 49 and a half years though I’d have to say that some were really good decisions and others not so good…I guess for me they even out.

I know what your saying though. I think sz makes you second guess things on a quantum level. Really minute stuff but somehow you need a process to deal with that…So I guess I’m saying I have no problem making a decision and going with that…whether it’s the right one you find out much later. …

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I’m very indecisive. If I have to decide things I make lists of pros and cons. But still tend to be very wishy washy.

Unfortunately my husband is the same so it led to a few problems eg. we moved house seven times in seven years - three times in the past year. Very stressful! But hopefully we’re settled now!

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I find myself flip flopping all over the place as a general rule. Mostly for minor things though.

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I do make a lot of good decisions and stick with them. But other things I mull around and can’t decide and reach out for help with because I get anxiety over them and cannot see things clearly. I really appreciate a second set of eyes and an unbiased opinion for certain things. That’s when it’s especially good to have friends you can trust. Sometimes I turn to professional help for really big decisions, like the life changing ones.

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@Hadeda, we sound very much alike. My wife and have also moved a lot… 7 times in the last 4 1/2 years! Hopefully we are settled now. But I’m still flip flopping on things. Take care @Hadeda.

No, I can’t stick to my descions. They are good once like living towards a healthy lifestyle, but i am mentally to messed up. In my 40’s I was able to stick to my descions. I was working back than.

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