Making decisions

Do you have trouble making decisions? It’s often so overwhelming. Maybe this ties in with my post about cognitive impairment. I can’t go to subway. There’s so many sandwich options and my head seems too loud to focus. A friend took me and I nearly cried while standing there trying to tell the deli worker what I wanted on my sandwich. It was too much to handle. Make sense?

I’m just as bad making important life decisions.

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maybe you’re afraid of making bad decisions? is that why? I never make the right decisions! I take risks and regret. reckless behaviour, in general. Maybe you can have an open mind and try ordering two things instead of one? what hesitates you in general?

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I’m not sure what hesitates me. Everything is so loud and bright and there are so many words. I just get too overwhelmed in public places. I feel the same with life decisions. Too many words and lights and noise.

Oh, sweetheart. I want to give you a hug.

I had almost the same experience at Subway, but it was from the counter girl telling me my sandwich would be 25¢ extra because I had cheese and no meat. I just stood there arguing in my head about it and tears sprung to my eyes. It was just 25¢ but something about it just pushed me over.

Is it the same when you’re in a quiet place, making a decision with no one waiting for an answer, no pressure?

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I feel bad for you that you have such problems at Subway. You should be able to go out and enjoy getting a sandwich any time you like. Maybe next time if you go with a friend and the kid at the counter asks you what you want, simply tell them, “I’ll have the same as her”!!!.
But seriously, it might help if you go in prepared. I mean if you break it down, the sandwiches are just meat; cheese, and vegies. Maybe pick up a menu so before you go next time you can study the menu and know what you want ahead of time so you are prepared what to say. Or maybe just take your time next time. Tell the worker you need a little time to make up your mind. Or maybe go to Subway at the slowest time of day so that thee aren’t a lot of other people there to make you nervous. These are just some strategies to help you enjoy a nice sandwich when you want it.


I try to make decision,I sometimes make bad decision which makes me feeling negative emotions.Mostly my decision is mixed with good and bad ones,but I believe i can improve so can you,just keep trying and find a way to make more good decision

It’s a little frustrating… the big decisions like school… work… moving out of my previous apartment … easy.

The tiny stuff like wearing the blue shirt or the darker blue shirt… hours and hours and lots of odd scenario’s attached.

I used to be so easy to talk into things… I’ve been working on staying to my path.

I have to choose what thoughts to have and what thoughts not to have. This becomes difficult later on in the day when I’ve forgotten all my basic premises.

Crowds, loud music, makes a lot of people feel overwhelmed. When I go to a restaurant and they are blasting music and the place is busy with people anyway, I leave. I just don`t like all the noise anymore.
Sorry you had this experience. Next time-just take your time, no matter what is going on!

When you have SZ, it can be really hard leaving your home environment. In Autumn & Winter I can’t even do walks b/c elements within the weather deter me - it makes me feel like my brain is going to implode.

I can’t relate to the Subway issue, though. Food, nutrition, and focusing on my diet is always priority #1 in my day-to-day activities. Restaurants are easy environments for me.