Do you change your mind often?

Many people with OCD have a lot of doubt, and this can make someone change their minds a lot about different things - I dont know the exact reason, but I do change my mind a lot

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I am good at decision making- its one of my strengths- time management is something I do well with. I often take the harder route or even unnecessarily difficult route. Like for electives, like this history class I had this past semester- it was a challenging class, ratemyprofessor said the average grade was a C, I made an A. Instead of just skimming the study guides, I would write single spaced like three pages worth of notes and memorized them. People in the lobby before class would quiz each other and I would give like a paragraph long answer on the spot.

And the research for my thesis…oh Thor. The lab manager, a sixth year PhD student told me that I had been too rigorous when I actually read hundreds of articles and outlined a book. It paid off though, I know the studies I cited almost by heart. Almost.

I dont change my mind unless something very bad happens, like getting into a cult environment. Im known to end up in extreme situations, like powerlifting or high level full contact sparring in Krav Maga. Ugh. Oh and substance abuse. That was sort of like a cult. Basically, I end up in places that are life-consuming. I prefer school to be the only place for that level of commitment. I mean I workout, but I do my own routines.

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I’m good at decision making for important things. But I could stand in a grocery store and have trouble decided which cereal I want sometimes