Do you believe you are I'll?

I dont believe the doctors but I find refuge in people who supposedly suffer from sz. To me its them and if they went away then I’d be fine. I feel like everyone around me is draining my goodness. Rant over

I suffered for many years without knowing what was wrong.

I was too sensitive. Too shy. Too this or that. Really I was too paranoid and just because your not diagnosed doesn’t mean you can’t suffer from symptoms. Indeed most do before psychosis and diagnosis.

It’s not the drug companies. Yeah they make oodles of money and psydocs do well but it’s grubby work. You never have your hands clean in this game so give your shrinks a break.

Take the pills. It works for me and most!

Somedays more than others I know I’m not well,
but then there are days I forget I have a Sz label.

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