Do you believe that

Every human being has equal value?

What does this mean!!! And what does it imply.

Some people are mass murderers etc. Are they equal value to me?

no everyone is different

work school family health

so many differences no way equal value

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Truth is we live in a world of inequality

You have less value than a man in the US. Because women make 88 cents to a man’s dollar.

Just one example.


When i think value i think money and what you are worth. I think some people are more valuable than others. But i also think we should treat each other as equals.


For me I feel we are all equal value. But it is a feeling, I am not sure how exactly

there is more to life than money

i know people who have great incomes and live miserly

while i live with little money and with sz

im happier and more content than those

thats pretty sad in my eyes


I don’t know maybe I am incorrect but it is a very stubborn feeling that I do have

Also people judge and value each other on what they can offer. Based on class or social status connections etc.

It’s terrible. But I think we are not all equal in any way in society.

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Do you think yourself though that we all have intrinsic equal value including mass murderers mass rapists etc.?

No. They are no longer accepted and therefore punished and have rights removed. Therefore unequal.

In prison in the US. Even in prison, child abusers are shunned in the prison community.

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I just briefly thought about it

I think that we are all equal in value because we all want to be happy and avoid suffering in the way we know best so according to our unique circumstances

Even mass murderers and rapist?

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I do believe that

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Interesting. I do not believe they deserve equal value.


However that does not mean that I approve of murder or rape… At all

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I believe everyone is equal at the starting point. But if you do bad things society will derate your value, maybe not indefinitly, depends on the issue. If one is led down the wrong path one can always try to make amends though.

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Yes. I think that is why the homeless need to be helped because many are just mentally ill not through any fault of their own. @Mr_Hope

Somehow fell out of the system.


I agree. There are a lot of people bad off in this world that hasn’t done anything wrong.

But for people who do wrong society will react. For example if you do a crime, not only do you go to prison, but when you are released there are many options that are closed for that person. A lot of jobs can’t be got with a criminal record. And they may lose many of their social connections.

I think, as humans, that we all start out with equal value. Then, some, devalue themselves via massmurder, etc.

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Everyone is equal but some people are more equal than others.

I argued this quote from orwell was sound and valid in highschool in english class.

My reasoning: when you say everyone is equal you are creating an average. Some people who are lowly get a boost in value and haughty people get a reduction. This is because they are considered equal. When you say some people are more equal than others you are looking at each of their individual values and comparing like to like.

So under the law of liberal democracies some people are advantaged by equality if they are lowly and others disadvantaged if they are high and mighty. Unofficially though some people are more equal than others