Every Human is equally valuable and Equally normal

This is a quote I made for myself.

Is it a fair quote to believe in.

It just makes me feel better but sometimes I wonder if it’s true, hesitation creeps in.


What makes every human equally valuable?

How is every human equally normal?

I don’t believe that, there are some very bad people

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the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.

It just makes, me wonder, if like Hitler is supposedly one of the least valuable people, then that makes me wonder how is value of everyone measured.

It almost becomes like a competition?

I think every person is equally valuable. Some people cause too much repeated harm to be allowed future chances to continue harm, but they don’t stop being people.


Yea like my ex…

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What does it mean to be worthy?

Everybody has ugly moments.

I still cry about some of mine.

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Some people have committed evil beyond redemption, but are still useful for learning patterns and motives.

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All people have inherent value regardless of their actions.

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How about every person has worth? I don’t know if every person has the same in value and normalcy though. I don’t think I am normal. LOL, I also don’t think I have the same value as someone who can save my life where I can’t save theirs. This does not mean I am not valuable, just not as valuable.

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It just feels really wrong for me to say one person has less value than another. Perhaps can’t relate to one person as much as another though but that’s maybe not to do with value?

@anon83141956 Thanks for sharing your thoughts on equality.

In America, a bill passed in our House of Representative called the Equality Act Would Extend Civil Rights Laws To LGBTQ People Throughout U.S. Sadly it is stuck in our senate and may not pass. Everyone deserves protection and treated like human beings.

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So LGBTQ people do not currently have same rights as rest of the country? Oh my, that’s shameful.





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I don’t feel like anyone is normal really but cos no one is normal it’s normal to be not normal lol…


I’d like it to be known that I’m a unique individual.

Just like everyone else.


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LGBTQ+ Americans still face discrimination in jobs, housing, adoption and public accommodation. It is sad, and a big deal that we can’t even pass this bill. Hope I am not co-opting your thread.

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No your fine. Thanks for sharing. That’s really shocking. Not sure if it’s like that in the UK

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