Do you believe in magic?

i have seen a few good magicians work their magic on tv such as Dynamo, David Blaine and the like but do you think what they do is magic or just some really cool tricks?

i know a lot of it is really convincing and really beggars belief but is it real or is it just baloney?

do you believe in magic?

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Some really cool tricks.

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What Darren Brown does is definitely “magic”. He uses NLP and hypnosis to do things…well you should just watch his BBC show. He blows my mind sometimes!

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its the ones where you are just totally lost for words like when Dynamo elevated under that statue and it looks so convincing :s i do really find it hard to believe there were no strings but how else could he have done that?

This explains the levitation trick.

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Magic is just really cool tricks. You take an oath of secrecy not to reveal how things are done when you are learning to be a magician. Think of it as implying more than doing, and then it makes more sense.
I’ve never really liked magic tricks knowing that it a form of trickery, but it is supposed to be about entertaining, not about being a con artist.
Con artists are the devils magician.

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thought Dynamo might have used a helium balloon of some sort idk if there was a crane nearby

there was another one where he just disappeared in the middle of a busy street just leaving a pile of clothes but i think he could have just gone down a manhole or something,

somethings they do are even harder to explain though.

he makes me paranoid, i remember having a delusion about something he said once.

There are monetary prizes out there for people who can prove the existence of the paranormal or magic:

I guess nobody has claimed any of the the prizes yet. I think this fact shows that it is unlikely that magic exists… or at least it’s not reproducible under controlled situations (which would suggest that all the magic we see on stage is fake.) Any kind of magic that I’ve ever experienced was random and uncontrollable.

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I think that it’s just some really cool tricks, i have a hard time believing in magic.

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Theoretically, if you “BELIEVE”, then you open a porthole in reality, thus allowing the unthinkable to happen.

However, if you place this power in the wrong hands, then disaster will follow.

On the other hand, if you stick to a sane and stable set of laws, such as a consistent set of laws of physics, then safety is always at hand.


idk why people pretend to be magical figures, these people take great pleasure in confusing and baffling us if i was truly blessed with this type of power i would be curing people of their sicknesses and healing people etc i wouldn’t be wasting it doing the things they do, i think it could give people false hope in the extreme as well,

I enjoyed watching the tv show Breaking the magician’s code with the masked magician Valentino. There you could see how all this levitation and disappearing of objects etc is just a bunch of tricks. In a lot of these tricks the audience plays along to make it look realistic on camera.


Definitely some cool tricks.

its just illusions on TV.
they can get away with a lot of things since its tv with fixed camera angles
smart editing
the crowed must be in on it, you dont get realtime view on all angles exposing the trick
i do even think they do wire removals in post

still it makes you wonder, how he pulls off some of his tricks

I just see it as entertainment. The ones who I think are dangerous are the “faith healers”. I saw an info-commercial for this “faith healing hot line” if you send them $500. dollars they will pray you’re problems away and heal you over the phone.

Those are the ones who upset me more then guys in Las Vegas with all the tigers.


yeah, those people are really not doing gods work,

i do not believe in faith healing even though i have faith in god,

its like what i said before in another thread 'if jesus was alive and he knew what these people were doing then i am sure he would get his father to make sure they burn in hell lol.

you should only give money as long as you are doing it willingly, it is meant to help the people in your congregation and also go towards good causes,

what they are doing is more like fraud and false hope,

i think faith healing is really dangerous as well, i know someone who thought they were healed and tried to stand up and the person twisted her foot and made it worse,

i think there is a huge difference between physical healing and spiritual healing and people forget that, even spiritual healing can be dangerous though.

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What gets me is; praying is free.

You don’t have to give someone $500. in order to pray.

If I knew someone with an illness like that, I could help them for free. I could let them vent for free.

Anytime money is involved it all gets icky fast.

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i know,

i go to prayer night sometimes and it is completely free

we pray about everything, you, me, the world, everything and we dont even need to make a donation

even when i go to service i dont need to give anything at all, its all totally complementary,

i’ll admit tho i do give a donation of £5 every week.

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I quietly haunt the Unitarian gatherings sometimes. I do put in what I can. They have an excellent food bank and they helped save my brothers life.