Do you believe tarot-card or palm reading

I do not believe, but I have never tried these either. I do not believe horoscope either.

Hell no dude. That’s some exploitative psuedo scientific bs.


I think if its possible then its a form of witchcraft and prolly bad.

Stuff like that is difficult for me to say yes or no to because Cayce could see the future in his sleep and that was proven.

My magic 8 ball says - “My sources say no.”


Nope nope …

No I don’t believe. Many of the people who are in ‘magic’ today are also atheist

No. I don’t believe in astrology either.

I think it is similar to the maybe more accepted practice of dream-explanation. I don’t believe either is revealing the causal chain of events that has unfolded or will unfold. Both practices are telling a story with which we can compare our experiences, this will make them reinterpret these experiences or see them in a different light. That is why I think both can have some psychological effect. This is of course not how it is presented, thus I think it is a dishonest practice.

I think that palm reading, tarot-cards, horoscope etc. can be good entertainment for those who like this type of entertainment, but still there are people who believe these which may have some psychological effect.

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My horoscope today from some random site…

You can’t help but toot your own horn today — and at least one person doesn’t approve. You may just want to ignore them for the time being, but eventually you need to explain your actions…

Kind of hit and miss and so obscure it’s bound to be right on some level. So very easy to see how some beliefs can be shaped. Same goes for tarot-cards and palm reading etc.

One thing about dream interpretation though. We have over a hundred years of science behind it.

P.S. On the off chance my horoscope is dead on the mark. Apologises to whoever I’m annoying. I’m just going through some stuff at the moment.

I do not know about dream interpretation either, sometimes I have crazy dreams as this

Just before waking up I had a dream that I was doing some research with a younger woman, Brandy, with whom I did some things in America over 16 years ago, and then suddenly I was on the beach of one local lake where the father of one younger man gave me a secret book he had kept for years and then I woke up.

I think that it is impossible to interpret this dream, Brandy and this father figure had no link between each other, except myself. is even a forum there to get more help.

Nope, it’s all hogwash.

When I was delusional and off my rocker completely, I used to read the Tarot for others - I even got compensated for it - I also thought that I could communicate with the dead, read minds etc… I was not well

Here where I am we do not have so many palm or tarot-card readers, gypsies have done this in the past, but I think that people in the society do not really believe these so much although there are these fortune tellers still, when I lived in my auto in America I met all kinds of people and once I met one young man in his twenties and he walked around Miami Beach without any shirt and did only these tarot-card readings. I thought he was a kind of entertaining.

Yeah, I’ll add to my post above by saying that when I was ill things were very different. I believed in all sorts of things. My mind was often consumed by “magical” thoughts.

Yeah when I was ill, magical thinking consumed me - glad that those days are over - I was pathetic back then

My sis travels with a pack of tarot cards and reads all that metaphysical stuff… It gets to me when she talks about it too much.

It’s odd to me how she uses the cards… She listens to the person’s problem… she nods and brings out the cards… then she pretty much tells the person what they don’t want to hear… like… “you need to leave your boyfriend if he’s threatening your safety and drinking your pay check. See… this card and this card says so.”

It gets to me a bit… I could tell this person her boyfriend was taking advantage of her and becoming violent… but who would believe me?

But my sis says the same thing with the props and theater of pretty cards… and this girl got the hint. I wonder why people need stuff like that?

Carl Jung used Tarot cards as sort of a way to get the conversation stated I’m told. -Theater.