I think i figured it out

Not like anyone would believe me anyways lol. Thats the sad part.

What did you figure out?

That truth is stranger than fiction. Anyways, ive been watching magicians on youtube, the clairvoyant kind. It got me thinking of all possible ways they could be doing the illusion.

I get the feeling my mind is like the “One Ahead Principle,” or “billet reading” (see wikipedia) which is a mentalist trick you can see on Youtube. Is that what you mean?

Yeah, kind of like that. I watched the clairvoyants.

But also this mentalist trick is making me wonder alot how it works.

The Ant and Dec trick looks to be due to some sort of contraption in the chair of the guy the masked man did not touch.

I think that my thoughts come after my decisions so it can seem as if they are prefigured by, and therefore caused by, the actions of others, or that others have read my mind.

Well… theres only a finite amount of options that a person can act in a way.

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