Do you believe in god or a higher power?

Hey guys as above, i believe in god and have hope that my illness will improve as i age!

My divine side does. My “healthy” side has been an atheist since childhood.


I do, but I don’t always live for it. I pray, and serve the purpose, but also do other stuff and forget God when I’m occupied with my own stuff.

No I don’t believe in God or some other higher being. I guess I’m an atheist.

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I believe in some kind of omnipotent, benevolent spirit, but I don’t think I believe in the Christian version of God. A lot of it has to do with the existence of hell. How could a benevolent spirit sentence anyone to burn for all eternity? That sounds pretty sadistic to me. I have other questions about God. I’m uncomfortable when people are shouting Praise God, because I have a lot of questions about a benevolent God. How could a benevolent God allow so many horrible things to happen? I won’t go into specifics. One thing I will say is that scientists in the past said there was no evidence of God in the universe. Then when the Hubble space telescope was launched we realize we didn’t know what 94% of the universe was made of. It’s mostly “dark energy” and “dark matter”. So there are plenty of places for God to hide in the universe.

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I´m the kind of agnostic that doesn´t have the interest in wondering if there is a higher power or not.

Now I know. I think it´s called “apathetic agnosticism”

Think of Earth how this planet is entirely different from other planets. How precisely its placed from Sun a little close or far makes it impossible for living things to survive. Also gravity and other things. Do you see a designer’s work in these or believe that it just came from nowhere?

You know who your dad and mom is and how you born. Suppose you not know about these, no knowledge of these and how living things emerged you will also think living beings came from no where.

Also its not God who sends people to hell instead ask this way why people choose evil rather than good and end up in hell. Going to heaven or hell is a free choice every individual makes during his or her lifetime on Earth.

So, you believe that the Earth and the humankind are a perfect machine designed to function automatically, whith no interaction from the creator whatsoever?

i believe in God

God gave free choice to people whether to follow God or Devil that’s why people able to live the way they want and judgement comes only after death.

Consider life as a test paper. During the test if the student ask teacher for aid in exam the teacher will not do it instead simply watch it whether they write the correct answer or not and the evaluation only begins after the test is over. Same is like life. We have no clue about after life and have free choice to believe, act etc.

yes, I believe in a God.

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For sure.

I believe constant prayer has lead me to the things that are actually healing my brain.

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The fact we’re here doing what we are, there has to be something after.

If asked today, I’d align more to a re-incarnation stance, however not in the conventional sense. You cannot destroy energy, and I believe we all have an infinite range of possibilities once we depart our body.

Think of the raw materials you’re made of, and how they came to be us


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Yes I believe in a god. But more importantly I believe in a higher power

I’ve thought about this really deep

I’ve thought about simulation theory a lot

I think there could be such thing as a simulation. But the original creator must’ve created the makers of the simulation

One time it occurred that god must be omnipotent. God must be omnipresent, omniscient.

Even if I wake up in a hospital bed when I die

Why am I here??? Hell I don’t fn have many answers. Just what seems to make sense to me

Take this all with a grain of sand. Some may have called me “delusional” “psychotic” when I came up with my inquiries and proposition.

However I think even “crazy” often has a grain of truth to it

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i really want to believe in a God

i kind of do?

but i question my strength in that belief…

Pretty sure this topic will get deleted.
But until it does - no.
God is a human creation. Used as a way to justify and explain things we don’t understand and to enforce social rules. I see it as a very literal concept of justice. “Do good and you will live well in the afterlife”. ETC.

Not sure… I vacillate between belief and doubt sometimes.

But I do feel that there’s definitely more to the universe than meets the eye.

I have to believe in a higher power, a universal force.
Sometimes I am amazed.