Do you believe aliens have ever visited here?

  • Yes
  • No

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No, otherwise they would have helped us.

Maybe they want us to work things out on our own.

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Jesus was an alien I believe and He has invited us to live in His Heaven. It’s up to you.

Aliens have totally been here, haven’t you read the MJ 12 reports?

Also the discovery of fiber optics

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Why would they be so cruel?

What about it ??

Fiber optics were “suddenly discovered” by Corning at a time when they weren’t trying to do so. In reality it was tech from a UFO crash that the govt gave to Corning to develop.

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Hmmm might be so…

Nope. I don’t believe aliens :alien: have ever visited us. Probably just as well.


Not necessarily. Maybe they’re watching us to see if we are mature enough to handle some of the new technologies that a hyper modern society would acquire. Maybe they think we would be too dangerous with some of the new technologies. Maybe they are waiting and seeing to determine if we’re worth helping.

Aliens are everywhere, they don’t have body and are not good.

If you’ve seen the southpark episode about the Pine Car Derby, I believe it goes something like that…

I would love for extraterrestrial life to be found - it would add some excitement to the world

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I enjoy watching documentaries about The pyramids and stuff and the drawings of airplanes etc… in ancient temples. on the other hand, these people used to murder each other for their gods, so… not sure about the extra terrestrial visitors.

There is a theory that humans will be able to travel in time too so actually it was humans from the future who traveled back in time in strange jets and such to help the ancient civilizations. Mysteries intrigue me :smile:

The whole world and humanity feels like a sham. :joy:


I believe we’re in the present though… And until time travel happens, the past can’t be changed. So like yeah say we invent time travel in year 2100, the past can be changed then, but not until then. Hard to explain but I think I did :.

Of course they have.

How much time do they need with their super technology?
Furthermore they could simply give nourishment to the millions that are starving.

or eat us instead? :smile: you know we eat animals.

Why would they need to eat a sentient species?