Do you beleive in an afterlife and do you beleive in Ghosts?

I believe in reincarnation as well…and spirits or ghosts as well. Whether, sorting through all the fractured visions and mostly unexplainable memories residing in my mind, they are indeed souls of the deceased or the result of time, space and reality being just as fractured as my mind is…I don’t know.

If I could hash it all out and piece it together in a way that made sense…we might have something there.

Here’s a recent “ghostly tale” for you though…

This past summer I was staying at my sister’s place while they were away down south for a family reunion. I was going out of my mind the entire week I was there and towards the end I was so worn down by the hell I was going through I was just laying on the couch and I began to hear voices in my mind sort of swirling by, very creepy. Then I hear this inhuman vocal music, like high pitched and terrifyingly harmonious chanting and then what felt like a claw took hold of my back. I was so worn out that I considered letting whatever it was take hold of me and just happen, but I did not.

Afterwards I could hear seagulls out back and what sounded like a crane or bulldozer where there was at one time a garbage dump. That night, again on the couch, I looked out the doors onto the balcony and saw these clay or stone heads with some sort of grass growing out of them and heard and could vaugely see human figures walking about the apartment. There was the sound of an old fashioned police car out on the road…unmistakable from old movies.

That morning, having not slept I began to hear, amongst the “lazy whirlwind” of voices in my mind this old Italian opera music which began in my mind but then eminated from above the refridgerator. This is probably 1/100th of what was a terrifying and unending episode I can only by grateful for having come out of.

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Ghosts are even in the Bible…

Well, then it must be true.


Do I sense sarcasm???

I think there may be an afterlife but I don’t have concrete proof of it. As for ghosts, if they are true at least in the case of haunting, why isn’t every hospital a hotbed for paranormal activity?

I do believe in an afterlife. As a matter of fact, I’m counting on it. I’m not sure about ghosts, but am more open to that now than before. After my mom passed, I kept seeing her pass by next to me, like she was trying to come to me but couldn’t, so she would just pass by. I told her to stop it though because I found it distressing. She stopped. Other people I know, without a wisp of sz, say they’ve seen ghosts. A lot of otherwise sane people believe, so I try to keep an open mind.

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"Do you beleive in an afterlife and do you beleive in Ghosts?"
Yes and Yes 1,000,000 %

yes I believe in Heaven and I believe in ghosts. my grandfather’s ghost came to see me when he passed away.

Yes I believe in the afterlife and ghosts

Funny how it’s always the same sort of people that see ghosts who see UFOs.

I don’t know if I believe in an afterlife but I believe in ghost and by sheer probability I believe there could be aliens but I don’t know if its true.

Wow! Did he say anything to you?

@Malvok. So u don’t believe?

@Hedgehog. Why was your moms passing by distressing? I would love it if my mother came to visit. I guess it might freak me out tho…

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I believe in ghosts and the supernatural, but I’m not too sure about the afterlife part. I believe in reincarnation, but I’m starting to lose my faith in the afterlife.

I wish this idea in my head wasn’t entertained but I believe I will live happily ever after when I die.

I do not believe in ghosts. I kind of want to believe in reincarnation, but as soon as I try to make sense of it, i end up with a conception of it that is really indistinguishable from saying there is no such thing.

Yeah, I get what you’re saying. Here’s why, as best as I can explain it… I was so devastated by my mom leaving, more than I thought I would be. It’s hard to explain, but I couldn’t only partially have her, and not the same. She was gone, I was grieving, and I couldn’t be comforted by a ghost or possible phantom. She wasn’t going to be another of my companions. She was gone and it felt like a cruel tease to have this silent apparition of her. Not okay with me. Now, I did have a dream with her soon after in which I was crying and she hugged me and told me not to cry. That was comforting because we were in the same dimension…

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Grateful to @anon72440920 for having asked the two questions, as enough answers were given to confirm a notion I had had (based on in-person observation) for many years about the beliefs of those who suffer from chronic psychoses.

The following seem relevant here. But only because I am oriented towards observation of what is observable, I suppose.

I get it…

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