Do you avoid a lot of relationships because you feel

You have too much baggage. I feel I do. Too many things going against me. I tend to avoid relationships because of my mental illness and substance disorder. Plus I don’t work. Lots of things I have to explain so I tend to avoid relationships subconsciously I think.


I would like everyone to know my situation before meeting To go on a date or something. It’s rare you can explain your situation and they’ll listen, and still wanna date you after hearing it all. It’s also rare for me to feel comfortable enough to explain my situation. So really the odds are low. But not zero.


I get you @Jonnybegood , you should talk about relationships with a therapist (if you’re not doing it already) and work on improving them.
Having a spouse is a important part in life, you shouldn’t miss out on it.
I think you’re boyfriend material… let women now that


I don’t have friends or a girlfriend because I’m poor. I don’t have a girlriend because I’m fat and lazy and don’t do anything. I don’t need friends. I don’t trust people.


I do talk about it with my therapist. She doesn’t have all that much feedback other than says I’ll find something eventually.

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Have you tried dating sites? I am sorry but I’m not very helpful, I don’t know much about relationships

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I’m married. But if I were a single, my options would be: 1 keep on being single, or 2 try to find someone with schizophrenia for a relationship. Why? Because I think I won’t find another normal person who accept my mental illness.


Yeah I avoid people too. I know people hear my thoughts and it is really embarrassing. I don’t think anyone would want me.

You might want to reconsider that, bro… Humans are social creatures. Good things rarely - if ever - come from secluding ourselves. Nobody can make it alone. Not all of us are social butterflies - I know I’m not - but we still need interaction. And online interaction can only take you so far. We need to go out, explore, discuss, debate, ask questions, help others and get helped. It’s a form of economy based not on money, but on nice words and mutual support. And everyone is a part of it.
The more you wait before realizing, the harder will get for you to jump into the stream, so please don’t wait any longer …


I am wary of new people. It takes some time for me to warm up to new people, as I’m afraid of trusting the wrong person.
But I try to keep an open mind.

I struggle to balance the friends I do have, I would be sad if I lost friends because I couldn’t make time for them.

Fk all dating and relationships better workout and learn something it’s more rewarding then having relationship

If I get into a relationship, only a same sex relationship, and only with people that don’t suck my energy.

Yes I do. I’m trying to work up the courage to go to a group for people with mental health issues.

Yeah. God do I have baggage. How can I explain that I have hallucinations of sexual abuse that make physical intimacy terrifying and upsetting for me? God I never want to. So I just avoid relationships. It’s often painful because sometimes I am really interested in the guy and beat myself up for rejecting/acting cold to them.

I don’t think anyone would ever understand all the ridiculous ■■■■■■■■, I have to go through.

It is not hard for me to meet new people and I don’t avoid them, but I find it hard to “keep talking”. I’m self-conscious if I’m responding well and if they find it interesting in me.

Catch 22. I studied the work of Paul Ekman because I couldn’t read social cues. I mean I really couldn’t pick up on social cues AT ALL. Now, with about ten years of practice, I’m scary good with picking up body language and catching verbal deflections, etc. I also hate it when people lie to me and now I’m in the unfortunate position of having a damn good idea of just how much everyone around me lies all the time. (E.g. Oh boy, contempt plus one shoulder shrug…)

Best to avoid most relationships.

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Did you train yourself for reading social cues? I’m good at reading faces in picture but I think in reality not good at it. Maybe catching the meaning behind the word is more difficult.

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