I don't understand why I keep doing this

Well I recently got out of a relationship about 3 weeks ago. Honestly I don’t miss her at all cause I feel I didn’t have a big attraction or attachment to her. Which is weird because when I’m in a relationship I usually try my all to stay in it, but with her I didn’t. I actually feel better out of the relationship, what I don’t get is why I want another girl so soon. In the past it took me months to want to move on and with this one I’m not even strung up on it. I also feel though I can’t be in a relationship. I’ve already had 5 girlfriends and they all ended badly because of my illness. In the beginning they would be amazing but as we progressed my illness always got worse. I can’t understand why I want to keep putting myself through all of that again, yet I feel I can find someone right for me and shouldn’t give up. I’m not sure.

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why look now? you have time, bud.

and some people like older men anyways.

I don’t really like younger women I like if they are older or my own age. I get annoyed by a lot of younger people.

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There should be a match.com for ppl with sz or similar mental disorders. That way ppl like us could meet other ppl with the same problems and we would be understanding with each other about episodes. Lucky for me I was already married and my husband is very understanding.

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Sounds like a compulsion.

true. but I can’t imagine most people wanting a younger man.
lol lol lol lol

regardless, beggars can’t be choosers, eh?