Do we function better when we're angry


I noticed improvement in how I deal with people and things as I became angry and had a fight with my dad this morning, has anybody gone through this before.


When I’m angry I get to cleaning up.


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When I get angry, it sometimes makes me feel alive - as long as it is not rage, a small amount of anger can be healthy, believe it or not


I’ve dealt with angry people too much recently, and I hope they end up in Hell. I control my anger at all times, I never let it get the best of me.


I don’t. When I get angry I say scary things trying to get people to understand how angry I am. It usually backfires. I’ve been sent to the hospital when I’ve done that before.


Exactly what happened to me this day.


Lost my job due to anger. :angry:



I have problems with rage sometimes. I neeeever show it outwardly, because I made a promise to myself not to when I was a little kid because it made me used to beat the crap out of my younger siblings and I would feel really bad afterwards because I loved them. So ever since then I never lash out at anyone, physically or verbally, even if I REALLY want to.

The issue is that I still get that rage. And when I do get it it’s like I’m on fire pissed off and need to punish SOMETHING so a lot of time it ends up in me hurting myself because I don’t want to hurt anyone else. I go total wild girl, I’ve even ripped paper to shreds with my teeth. (That’s probably a better thing to do than scratch myself, but whatever…)

I definitely don’t think clearly when I’m like that. All I want when I’m angry is for someone to pay. My dad AND my granddad both have fiery tempers as well…very scary when angry…maybe it’s something I should talk to the therapist about. Hmm. Never thought about it. (Literally the only times I’ve ever hurt myself were out of anger, weird)


It’s a fight of flight response and it all depends on the situation you’re in.


Absolutely right on I think - Adrenaline / Epinephrine is the reason. And - just because you feel that way of course, doesn’t mean you are actually functioning better. You may just be more focused due to the adrenaline. You may actually be destroying relationships due to the anger response. You may be mis-interpreting the information and interpreting things as being unfair, etc. - when you’re just thinking wrongly.

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no…anger leads to rage and regret…and eventually to becoming a sith lord !?!
take care :alien


Also a life saver for an allergic reaction to bee stings.


In my case definitely not. A strong negative emotion like anger usually results in a decline in rationality and clear thinking.


I always think I’m functioning better when I’m angry. Usually learn later on that the opposite was true. I put a lot of effort into not becoming angry these days. Better for all concerned.


  Anger for me can send me into almost a blind rage, especially if it starts  with  the voices trying to get me to cut myself. The meds I am on now have almost got me under control for that, but anger and rage have left my arms and legs severely  scarred  up. It is not even so much  what  I do to myself, but what my anger makes me say to others. I just want to hurt others verbally as much as I am hurting inside.
  Does anger not only come from the chemicals in our brain, but from the memories from our past? I know for myself I hold a lot of anGermany inside from childhood abuse and neglect, and I dwell on those memories until I finally find a way to eithe hurt myself, or send a hurtful, but true email to family  members just to lessen my pain.
  I do think though that anger can be a good motivator for change, like mothers against drunk drivers, and things like that. Without the hurt and anger of losing a loved one to a drunk driver, changes would not have beven made.



I’ve never had voices tell me to cut myself, although I have done so in the past so my body would focus on self preservation rather than the voices. I still have voices, just a lot more scars. My anger isn’t directed towards others. When I feel others are conspiring or out to get me I just do my best to disengage from the environment. Anger can present itself from chemicals and prior experiences, but if your anger is expressed through your actions to the suffering of others then you need to make a change. Others shouldn’t suffer so you can feel a little better, no matter how bad you hurt. Mothers vs drunk drivers may be mad, but their actions are through passions and the caring of future victims, not aimed at the antagonist.


I sure don’t function better when angry. The only thing that happens when I’m angry is people back off. They should. It takes a long time before I get angry enough to show it, but when I do, look out.
I have never hurt anyone physically (and would never intentionally hurt them either physically or any other way) but can’t say that about my personal property. As long as it’s contained to my own personal property, it’s all fair game. I have been known to destroy some things (not loud enough to attract attention) like my leather couch, bookcase, a server ( given to me for that purpose, and 10 years worth of datebooks that left me in a chest high pile of shreds.
Sure makes for a satisfied and peaceful mind when done.