Do ur voices ever keep u awake?


mine had me up till 5 o’clock this morning and i woke up at a quater to nine so i’m pretty tired now. mine usually shut when im dropping off to sleep but every now and again they’ll go all night. what about u?


this has been happening to me lately, where a different crowd of voices shows up when i want to sleep and they have loud conversations that make it really hard to sleep even if i’m bone tired. it’s the latest incarnation of chronic insomnia for me. Although I could swear i’ve heard “the scientist” in the crowd at least once, one of my observer-voices i heard last year.


Yes, my voice can keep me awake. It has the ability to MAKE you feel alert, and so you don’t sleep because of that. It’s basically as if you lose control of your natural ability to fall asleep because control of that function is now in the hands of the voice. I’m like you Jayne in that just as I’m drifting off to sleep, the voice will stop speaking. Similarly, if I’ve just woken up, usually for the first couple of seconds the voice won’t speak. But it starts very soon after waking.

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It a all stress related to me. If i’ve had a hard day my voices will chatter up be vile and won’t let me sleep or I’ll be asleep and they will wake me up.

If it’s been a good day, there might be a phrase or two that will wake me up but then I can go back to sleep. The other night was an odd one. I was almost asleep and a voice shouted out… “That was the best ice cream I’ve ever had!” That made my eyes shoot open. It’s been a while since I’ve had ice cream.


I use earphones when I go to sleep. 2 hours music on my phone. But tonight they woke me up at 3 AM. It was really hard to go back to sleep again.


Stress causes my voices to get louder to the point that the echo of the hum of them being so loud makes my ears itch. There have been many nights that I have stayed awake hoping they would shut up. Talking to them doesn’t seem to help.


they used to…my meds fixed them


the voices usually just shout things out to me, one time it told me to drop to the ground and roll because there was fire on my back. This was before I was diagnosed so I didn’t have a clue as to what was going on. Talking to the voices usually ends up in a lengthy argument which keeps me up half the night.

Do earphones actually work because I need some kind of relief at night even if it’s only for a little while.


Elly…ever tried medicating your voices? Does anything work?