Do u think people can here ur thoughts

Hi my name is daisy I’m new on here I really dnt know how explain my self but I haven’t went and talk to anyone about this … Okay so I believe people can hear my thoughts its gotten so bad I can’t even go to the store and the most nasty off the wall ■■■■ comes out my boyfriend said its all in my head … I just dnt know what to believe anymore I feel so alone … This wasn’t me before never had this problem before… I always was social and now I feel like every I go people can hear me. My world falling apart!


it’s thought broadcasting. we have been there. be strong. have patience. and take your meds.


How long has this been going on?

No people can’t hear your thoughts. People can pick up on body language but not your thoughts. I had this symptom for a bit and needed meds.


That what I keep telling my self but sum times its hard to believe

No. It’s not real. It’s part of psychosis.

For like a month now

I had thought broadcasting / telepathy when I was really ill. I got lucky and meds fixed it. Are you on any meds?

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I feel like certain people can hear my thoughts :c

Yeah this is my main delusion at the moment. It’s pretty damn frustrating as the way I think has changed quite a bit because of this. Hang in there Daisy.


No because they would run if they did

You have to go see a psychiatrist about this issue. They will get you some meds and make it go away. Otherwise it will just get worse.

I had this issue but in reverse. I thought I could read people’s minds. It stayed somewhere between two weeks and a month, but then I got other stuff… I started getting angry at everyone around me for “being against me” and “betraying me”. Then I started seeing things that weren’t there. Normal things like cats and dogs, but also bears, rats, cars, horses, people etc. Then I started getting panic attacks for not much of a reason - too much noise, people being too close, etc. That was when I went in and I’m glad I did. Otherwise, I’m sure I would have destroyed all my relationships that I had.

Anyways, welcome to the forum and seek help please :slight_smile:

I had a delusion about that a couple years ago. I thought people could hear my thoughts,and I also thought people were always staring at me, when in reality they weren’t.

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I THINK people can hear my thoughts. But I KNOW they can’t.


Make sure y9u aren’t sub vocalizing

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I have experienced that people do sence some things about me …like what condition im in. But i have not experienced that they actually know what i say in my head thankfully.

Sometimes I do think others can hear my thoughts, usually only when Alien (the man in my head) inserts his thoughts in my head or I hear his voice in my head. These things agitate me and I cant then look people in the eye otherwise they can read my mind.

Otherwise I don’t think so when I am mentally calm.

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Maybe you should try to practice meditation. Cause if you can kind of quiet your thoughts then maybe they wouldn’t seem as easy to read. I don’t think anybody is reading your thoughts but maybe being able to clear your mind will help.

I had this symptom when I was in very deep psychosis. It’s a terrifying experience. Rest assured they cannot hear your thoughts.

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i think you are over thinking things, i think you are unable to control these thoughts then maybe the dr could help but yeah, maybe you are just over thinking things, hope this helps xxx