Do real jobs hire schizophrenics?

I’m a senior insurance broker. I specialize in small to mid-size commercial accounts, particularly heavy haulers working cross border between Canada and the United States. I do okay in terms of salary. I am diagnosed with SZ and I’m med-compliant. Low dose, I have found tricks to manage positive symptoms so I can take fewer meds.

Hope this helps.


Are you stressed af working?

I need something low stress or I’ll have problems.

Idc how Much it pays really

Mow lawns haul junk deliver food. Thats what ive done the last 7 years. Hate my job. Wish i had a real job.


Yeah, but I’m always stressed AF (@ninjastar @ZombieMombie and @Bowens will vouch for this). Being unemployed and poor is stressful. I prefer working and having the $$$ to live comfortably and pursue my hobbies.


Typically your judged on your skillset. You also dont have disclose mental illness if you dont want to


My jobs low stress(for me) im in sales. Business to business.

Theres no real set quota as long as your acheiving and being consistent. My office environment is easy going and we have laughs and stuff daily. I go for a walk at lunch.

So the low stress job exists. But it depends what you find low stress


I’m a freelance computer technician aka gig worker. I have a number of small business and residential clients in the area. I’ve built office computer, home computers, setup networks, web design, etc… I spent this weekend designing and coding a website for a mortgage agent.

I also work as a delivery driver for a major corporation and last Monday they posted the stats for the drivers and I was #1.

So no, schizophrenia isn’t a deal killer when it comes to employment. It just depends on YOUR situation. Do you have symptoms? Can you handle a job? My employer doesn’t know nor suspect I have schizophrenia. Some of my computer clients know but don’t care and rehire me anyways. Others don’t know.


I have good times and bad times.

The problem is i have been out of work for like 10 years and he works has changed.

So I’m re-doing some mathematics books and I have another text coming in the mail this week I hope.

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I was completely out of work from 2003 to 2015 (12 years) and on disability. In 2015 I started doing computer work. 1 year ago this month I got my driver job.


The answer is YES. Most firms who hire a person with a disability such as schizophrenia will receive a employee tax credit from the government because the business has hired a disabled person.

I have yet to read on this schizophrenic forum anyone who is employed utilizing their bachelor’s degree, diploma, trades or certification in whatever field they studied in.

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I am a librarian. My boss is fully aware of my mental illbess and makes a lot of steps to make sure I can do my job.

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That sucks.

Idk that you need a college degree once your as old as me and have seen ■■■■ change. I just need someone to believe in me & pay me money for being part of a team.

This is my only hope. I am getting older and disability life sucks so I have to try working again.

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Vouches for velociraptor and hides back under couch


Unfortunate as it may be. I and many other schizophrenics had to settle with jobs that were available to us just as any other “normal” person would have to. Believing in you is not what employers will base their hiring on. Work experience, continuous employment with little to no gaps in employment history is what firms are looking for.

I agree that disability life sucks as a person does not get satisfied every week, every month or every year for doing zero work yet receives just enough income to survive. You waste years of not knowing the operations, procedures & policies of a company but instead waste time on gaming, watching movies, listening to music or reading news.

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I worked for years as a systems analyst and, yes, I was certified. Quit that career because of a heart attack, not because of the SZ. Wasn’t allowed to go anywhere without a cell phone.

Also, yes, there are people here with degrees working in their fields of study. Not a lot, but some.


I can get good jobs. Just haven’t been real successful at keeping them. We started our own business.


I do passive income investing and also have an entertainment business I do…. Sometimes I work part time jobs but….

I’ve built up my wealth over the years so I don’t need a job.

But I truly believe there is no such thing as a “good job” lol I believe the CEO life is the only way imo if I want to be happy/ free.

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I had no problems in getting interviews. I applied through indeed and got several interviews. I didn’t disclose my sz. Though I couldn’t hold jobs for more than a month except for the job at my mother’s office.

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Most of my jobs have been “no experience necessary” jobs. Some of them were just jobs I found by walking in and filling out an application and getting hired. I never tell anyone I’m schizophrenic. My current job hires disabled people and knows I’m schizophrenic. I’ve been there ten years.

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