As a paranoid schizophrenic what's the best field of work?

am I in the right field?

Im studying office jobs

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Yes you are in a great field. Don’t let schizoprenia push you down.


There’s no one goto answer. Everyone is different.
As long as you think it’s a good fit for you, give it your best shot!


I think it’s important that you’re able to keep your stress low. So find out what stresses you and avoid that.


I do not know the answer. I can share the little experience I have.

My job before psychosis was software developer. After psychosis I lost a lot of mental ability. I can no longer do my old job. I consider switching to some kind of manual labor, since no matter my experience and previous ability, now I can only do simple tasks.

I did try to get back into my old career. I failed. Someone with greater willpower and a milder case of the illness could have probably done better.

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It depends on how well you tolerate stress. I aim for easy blue collar jobs.

My first thought was dead letter room, but even that could be stressful. I think it’s gonna be different for each individual.

It can be good to stretch yourself and go for a good job. Most of my 30+ jobs have been entry level, unskilled labor jobs, though. Some people can handle more stress than others.


I have a few ideas about what I might have done. Maybe be a librarian. I like to read, and I’m interested in classification systems as a mnemonic. Or maybe a journalist, because that would get me very adept at the nuts and bolts of writing good prose, and I wouldn’t have to work so hard revising what I write. But basically, I have done nothing. I delivered pizza here and there, but that is about it.

I was in information technology and the stress was affecting both my head and my heart condition, I had to dial it back some. Now I’m in insurance and I find it much easier.

Well, I left my restaurant jobs behind.
I’ll never go back.
My opinion is find something like a custodian job.

I’m a super social nova what’s so stressful about dealing with people? they pull a gun? is probably the worst thing right? then I’ll just break their gun hand and become a hero.

when I had my summer youth job all I did was be in a room and do whatever they told me it was the easiest two hundred dollars every two weeks I ever made.

I want to be around people talking to them get int thier head see what makes them tick
deesclation is something I"m good at unless the guy is hellbent on killing me well then I just put on my UFC trunks and kick his ass. put him in the guilltoine and choke him out and let the police deal with him.

it’s not about self defense it’s about protecting people I work with and customers.

so I’m in the right to break them off something serious.

What are you doing now, if I may ask ?

Not feasible for me thanks to physical limitations. Imma stick with my desk job.

Job hunting still studying.

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The best field is where your talents and abilities lie although it also depends on your ability to control your schizophrenia, and possibly the meds side effects.


Nowdays I basically do nothing. I read on the current technology to try and keep up, and write small pet projects to try and remember what I learned. Example: Idea for a collaboration

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