Do people wreck your confidence?

I’m having a hard time with this. I can go from feeling on the top of the world and then feeling like zero in a matter of minutes. I think people feed into it. The confident people steal confidence somehow. Steamroll right over you. Does any of this make sense to anyone?

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I’m very influenced by others’ opinions - if I express mine and then someone else tells me otherwise, I feel like my opinion is wrong and lose all confidence of my viewpoint. I’m a bit of a doormat.

My brother can be overconfident and he acts ‘cocky’ many times. When I am around him, many times he deflates my confidence even further - some of the stuff he says is insensitive and makes me feel less confident about myself, so I do know what you mean Nick

It’s like with baby birds how the one chick will knock the others away to get all the food and grows the fastest. With humans the quiet one sees more of the situation than the loud one.

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Some people can get away with anything. It’s amazing what confidence can do.

It was already wrecked -

Yes @pob as a person living with SZA all of my life, my confidence was already wrecked

What confidence???

Poverty of speech…

I think self respect goes hand in hand with self confidence.

“Self respect is the root of discipline: the sense of dignity grows with the ability to say no to oneself./”
-unknown rabbi

Good line. I think you are right. I let myself be treated really badly as a kid. Now I’m paying for it because now it’s a pattern.

I got in a couple of fights as a kid.

The other kid would inflict only so much pain before an inner drive compelled me to fight back. I made the other kid regret it. It is there in everyone, the drive for survival.

In my family we’d wrestle and do combat with my uncle that’s how we learned to defend ourselves. I think it might be the fear of getting close to someone that’s holding you back. You have to know that you can touch someone either physically or with your words. They are flesh and blood id and ego just like you.

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I was just talking to my neighbor.We were actually friends for awhile a year ago. He was trying to scare me with a crazy look in his eye. I looked right back.

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Good. I had a creep for a neighbor too. He’d chase his girlfriend to her car in his underwear at 2 a.m.

@77nick77 sorry I keep forgetting to reply to your posts. I’m on a kindle, it is difficult to fix some things.

Probably drugs or alcohol was involved.

He eventually went to rehab.

I got inn a few fights as a kid too but I always lost.

Like Aerosmith says :
“Dream On”
“You’ve got to lose
to know how to win”.

I was a girl so some cheating happened. :wink:

I’m trying to build my confidence. It does get knocked down fairly easy. Sometimes it is due to other people, and sometimes it’s a situation.

That is most likely why I avoid braggers. I will say something and they either have to contradict me or “EXPAND” on what I was saying. I hate that. Then it’s time for me to go away.

or “EXPAND” on what I was saying.

Lol. I’m very bad about this. I didn’t realize it was that annoying. I usually do so to comrade the individual. I’ll take this into consideration from now on. =)

As for Confidence- I learned a long time ago not be afraid of being the geek.
I’ve come by a lot of people who can outdo me in many ways.

But I also know our circumstances are different.

The easiest example I can give, that most here will relate with, is many out there are physically strong and capable of keeping up with rigorous Earth tasks.

I’m stationed in Terra Incognito and therefor I am being exercised more in emotional constitution and integrity of the psyche.

Get my drift?

Stop for a minute and picture how those who you envy would be able to manage your life’s challenges…

Secondly this whole situation where we all want acceptance, love, company and affirmation, yet many are unfairly disadvantaged from the start, doesn’t feel right to me…especially when most around us are only designed to find interest in superficial features.

“Sorry, Mario. Your Princess is in another castle.” becomes “Sorry, Mario. Your castle is in another castle.”

I don’t suspect that our circumstances are dire in any way but I do theory that we are fish removed from our ponds for the sake of teaching us how to fly.

And here in is where extensive effort to compete and feel accepted by this existence is…well, to be frank…it’s silly.