Do people with schizophrenia get manic?

There has been some confusion over my diagnosis that keeps changing/and because I sought out the psychiatrist in active addiction. He doesn’t know for sure. My mom has schizophrenia but sometimes I think she may also have Bipolar1 instead.

If you have Bipolar1 with psychosis, you need an anti-psychotic or mood stabilizer. I have only had issues that I can think of, always triggered by something extreme. Anti-depressant, medications SSRI, SNRI, but not stimulants like Vyvanse or Cocaine.

So that would mean I have more of a serotonin issue than dopamine right? I’m so confused but I’m trying to formulate my thoughts because my psychiatrist is calling me in an hour so I need to write this down so I can give him clear insight into what’s going on.

Prozac induced hypomania, depression, suicidal thoughts, and anxiety, on top of lost sleep, it also made me hallucinate.

Bipolar1 with psychotic features. There is a difference right?


you can have schizoaffective disorder bipolar type. Then you get manic too.

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I just dont want this to happen again. I’m trying to think of how to say things.

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when you got bipolar with psychotic features you get psychotic when your moods change but with schizoaffective disorder bipolar type you can get psychosis without your mood affected too.

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yea i hope it doesn’t happen anymore for you…

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Thanks. <3 <3 <3 I’m back to myself, but that was terrifying. Can’t think of any worse experience in many years. It’s really hard, like do they just not like who I am it feels like everyone loved me on Prozac, but it was hurting me so much. I knew something was off now I want to take something that’s the opposite. Why couldn’t I tell it was making me sick until it was nearly too late/

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Curious about what the stimulants do to you if thwy don’t trigger mania.

Im so confused. I just talked to him for 4 minutes. I’m an idiot. I hate myself. Wouldn’t it be nice of something could just make you happy?

So I don’t have a mood disorder I’m just sensitive to anti-depressants. wow. Guess that’s as clear as it’ll get with this…hmmm. Get me outta here.

At least vitamins work better than that crap; sure it gives the effect of working but then it wears off and becomes less effective, you build a tolerance. For me it was counter-productive. I’m prob. never gonna take an anti-depressant again. Ever. I’ll stick to my herbal supplements and vitamins.

Zoloft gave me mania like symptoms my friend also said i looked like i was high because my pupils got big after taking it i have never been diagnosed with bipolar.

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I’m currently diagnosed with bipolar disorder with psychotic features but I’ve been diagnosed with schizoaffective before.
There can be very little differences between these two.

In all honesty schizoaffective disorder is a perplexing diagnosis to have.

I mean you either have schizophrenia or bipolar.

Mood shifts can be seen with schizophrenia also.

They really need to update these diagnoses.

It becomes unnecessarily complex as things currently stand.


It’s very hard to see what’s happening, when you’re on the inside looking out. You’re smack-dab in the middle of it. Also, often the symptoms come on slowly, so it sneaks in there

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Why not take antipsychotic if you have psychotic symptoms

I’m on an anti-psychotic. Finally heard back from pdoc. He also added something for anxiety. Doing much better now…didn’t skip doses of it. I asked if he thought I needed to be on the injection/he said as long as I’m taking the meds every day I dont need to start that. So I’m ok.

Thx for support ya’ll, it really is so hard when in the midst of it and hard to know when its happening but just warning/be careful with anti-depressants. I had no idea I was so sensitive to them. My pdoc said there’s no magic pill to make you happy, and that I shouldnt have asked for it if I was not depressed basically.

I feel like it was my fault. But nothing bad happened other than I made some embarrassing rants online and thought blueberries were grapes. That’s ok. It’s over, not gonna think about it anymore.

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I’m impressed. Glad things turned around so quickly for you

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I’m working on it. Up again at 12am. I dont like sleeping…I feel so many energy shifts all the time…

I keep thinking I may have Bipolar. I mean it does matter to me that they got the label right and right now I’m not being told I have Bipolar. It matters because the diseases are different, and I want to know the different symptoms.

Still debating getting a new psychiatrist but I couldn’t get any transportation to fill out the paperwork. I tried a lyft and even that didn’t work out. Then finally the pdoc called and said ok the Prozac is out of you’re system so dont take it anymore. No further explanation. He sighed, I felt like I was bothering him…I dont know, why do I have to feel like a burden because I think for myself.

There is something messed up if I was always Bipolar1 and I was put on all the meds that made me hear voices to be called schizophrenic, and doesn’t this prove it?

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Doesn’t matter if you are bipolar or schizophrenic, you take the same medicine… In fact you have to take an additional mood stabilizer or antidepressant on top of your antipsychotic if you are bipolar

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ok. that does make sense. I keep fighting with myself/this is who I am. I Just have to accept this situation. But I think eventually maybe I could have a part-time job, although maybe it’s ok just to live life and exist without having to feel “I contributed” through work to better the human race.

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