Do people lower IQ's cope better with SZA/SZA than people with higher IQ's?

I’m interested in this as apparently I have a low IQ and I cope okay. Are people with lower IQ’s - do they have more simple delusions and beliefs compered to hight IQ people? Do higher IQ people cope better?

I don’t think you have a low IQ.

But I don’t think IQ has anything to do with how well someone copes with life or the disease.


My IQ is 113 just barely above average. I’m coping well with Sz compared to others.

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I remember you asking this question awhile ago. Don’t know if you got an adequate answer or not. I do not know myself. I would guess that peoples delusions would tend to become more complex the longer they are in psychosis. I know that mine evolved in this way.


I remember the last time I got sectioned (2020) I was very flaunt with my delusions. Mainly my pdoc and microchips.

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I know of a family who adopted their children and one of them was considered special needs because she was above average intelligence. So that would suggest that a higher IQ might make sz and any life more difficult.

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i think i have slightly above average IQ

i graduated 3rd in my class in high school and finished 3 years of veterinarian tech while in psychosis

but i dont cope well with my sz

i have treatment resistant paranoia sz depression type

@bobbilly What criteria are you using for ‘cope better’? I’m doing relatively well because I have a low key lifestyle where stress isn’t totally eliminated, but is significantly reduced.It also helps that I get quite a lot of support. There’s no way I’d cope if having to be like an age and IQ matched person from the general public.

That’s my take on it. I’ve seen sz’s with very high IQ’s who were doing a poor job of coping. I’m thinking that maybe the IQ’s of sz’s can vary over time.


I would say it can vary with what skill is needed(what the task is) rather than varying over time.


Supposedly I have a higher IQ.

My delusions were complex, I think. But I also have the capability to reason myself out of symptoms, usually.

I think it is harder to cope for some intelligent people because they are dismayed that their brain they felt was so intelligent “failed” them.

But, with more intelligence comes capability to fight with logic. Just an opinion.


I think I’m dumb or maybe just happy. To answer the question I’m not sure if intelligence is good or bad when talking about symptoms. Life is a struggle no matter what!

It’s a fine opinion. I certainly think it helps with ‘reality testing’ or at least it does with me.I’m not saying it’s easy ; the delusional/irrational/paranoid thoughts can be very persistent.

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Generally speaking a higher IQ means you are better at pattern recognition, among other things.

With a higher IQ and schizophrenia you may start to make connections and find patterns in your delusions causing you to fall further down the rabbit hole.

I’ve scored way above average on every IQ test I’ve written, free and paid. My base delusion was that I was being mind controlled, but I developed a complicated theory about global politics, human evolution and how the general populace was oblivious to what was really going on all based on that simple delusion. I made connections and found patterns that no else could.


IQ is cognition which is much less affected by sz than negative and positive symptoms so no IQ doesn’t affect how you cope with sz.

IQ tests don’t measure negative symptoms, they only measure cognitive symptoms.

I wonder what my emotional iq is?

iq equals more problems

No clue. My wild guess: it is easiest for people with average to just above average IQ (100-130). A big chunk of the world is built for and by people in this range. The more you deviate in both directions, the harder it is.

  • People with higher IQ have certain skills that help them.
  • People with higher IQ often have high intensity and complexity. Of delusions, emotions, ideals. Of shame over what is wrong in themselves and the world. Of loneliness for never fitting in. This makes them more vulnerable.
  • The diagnostic system and solutions of the MH system are mostly built for people with average IQ. Most MH workers will also understand them best, for they are most like themselves. Coping is easier when others better understand what your problem is and what you need. I think this may be a problem if people deviate more from the average. In both ways.

Also, there’s a billion other things deciding someone’s strenght and weaknesses than IQ-score.

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