"Do-nothing guru"

I would love to,

But I can’t.

That image is not only all over my social media stuff,

Also my family, my friends and a lot of random jackasses along the way.

My signature dinosaur was very popular.

I’m sure I can find a way to show my progress somehow.


It has some adult themes that are not appreciated on the forum.

The comic tracks our lives in middle school and high school so I’m sure you can image what all is involved.

I’ll think about it.

I may share some.


normals don’t understand the life of disabled ppl…plus you run a household, that is enough.


Im not gonna tell you how to live your life but maybe that kind of talk is a bit toxic. I know a lot of people do that with their friends like speak really bluntly but ofcourse it’s a bit distructive I feel.

If you’ve ever seen the 1000 pound sisters tv show they make fun of eachother calling eachother fat etc… I think theyre just kidding and trying to gain thick skin but… Idk sometimes they really hurt eachother and I feel like it holds them back. I think they think it’s “fake” not to talk that way but idk. Maybe it’s just verbal rough play…if it hurts maybe its getting too far