I seem to be doing a lot of stupid things lately

So in clinical Monday night, when we were in a group one of the girls mentioned that another one of us had rolled their eyes at her and walked away while she was speaking to them. I thought to myself that’s really rude I wonder who that could be, me? I roll my eyes a lot but didn’t remember walking away. Then she went on about how some people have a flat affect and they are hard to read and make her uncomfortable so she talks a lot because she doesn’t know what to do. So I’m pretty sure she was talking about me. Then she did address me directly and asked if it was okay for her to explain stuff like she did at one point about chemotherapy drugs and I said yes, she was a great resource of information.

Now its Wednesday, and the whole conversation has left me with a bad feeling. Should I contact her and apologize? Or just leave it be? I will have 3 more semesters with her so I need to keep a good working relationship with her and I like her as a person and feel bad that I disrespected her, if indeed it was me. And then if I do apologize how do I explain, why would I walk away while someone is talking? It seems out of character for me but if I was distracted by something else I very well could have.

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we all do weird stuff…normal people do this too.
if you feel difficult talk to her and explain how you are feeling.
she will understand.
most of all don’t worry about it.
take care :alien:


Thanks guys for the comments. Erratica you put it so well about just drifting away, catching onto something else and following it. That’s it! I did end up emailing her because it was really bothering me. I may have over-shared with her because she had a patient with SZ a couple of weeks ago and I gave her advice how to respond to them. I knew I could say it better in an email than in words aloud to her. She hasn’t responded. I’ll see her tonight in class. I wonder if she’ll say anything to me? I’m kind of nervous.

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Just explain to her you were not feeling well, that you had a headache or something.

she’s probably a little puzzled tbh skims. if she was talking about you doing it, then in my opinion she wouldn’t have been talking to you about it. you seem to be a little paranoid about your interaction with her. you know just because someone finds fault in someone, it doesn’t straight away mean it was about you. try and relax a little. smile more and engage with her. see if that makes you feel any more comfortable. hope this helps x