Do most anti psychotic meds kill sex drive....?

Do most anti psychotic meds kill sex drive…?

mine doesn’t…I am on generic prolixin…(fluphenazine)

im on zyprexa 20 years and a ssri

Something murdered my sex drive, I don’t know what, could be the ap’s could be one of the other hundred dozen medicines I’m on. Could be old age, could be my weight, could be psychological. Lot’s goes into it. I’m on Saphris and Rexulti.

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Not for me. I’m on Latuda and Seroquel

I still have a mild sex drive, but I have a very difficult time climaxing. It’s very frustrating.

My sex drive is pretty good.

I just need more sex lol


Risperidone killed my sex drive

It kills mine yes it does

Both times I went on aripiprazole in the start I went super aroused.

Then with time it’s gone mostly dead although I think that is a lot to do with my mental and emotional state too during those times

No I take low dose Seroquel. I have high sex drive.

Geodon doesn’t affect my libido.

No, it’s cute women at work when they wear ugly, unflattering, baggy, shapeless uniforms.

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I’m on risperidone and xeplion, I’m also overweight and a smoker. I lost most of my sex drive. I can sometimes masturbate, but most of the time there is not a real ejaculation. It was way different before my psychosis.

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