Antisypychotics and sexual dysfunction


Can one lose sexual desire and ability on antipsychotics without prolactin levels going up?

Not sure but I have good sex drive even on 6mg Risperdal. My sex drive is naturally high and I had dangerous hypersexuality on Abilify, painful even physically. So Abilify is your best med for good sex drive I think.

Risperdal is known to increase prolactine.

Yes ive lost sex drive and ability on invega sustenna and my prolactin is high side of normal

I think anything that fully blocks dopamine decreases sex drive. Partial dopamine agonists dont fully block dopamine and they’re best for sex drive, so Abilify, Rexulti, Vraylar and I think Caplyta too.

Can Ziprasidone lower sex drive at 40 mgs without raising prolactin?

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I think so yes since it blocks dopamine but not as much as other aps that raise prolactine. Also 40mg is a low dose.

It is a low dose. This is why I am wondering, could it be Ziprasidone. Before Ziprasidone, it was fine. I also take Abilify which lowers my prolactin. My prolactin is 0.7. It is extremely low.

I dunno having less sex drive in my opinion is a good thing, not thinking about sex all the time is kinda refreshing.

Yes a person can get in a lot of trouble from having sex drive

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