Which of the side effects you wish you didn't have it

Among the side effects caused by my med, i wish it hasn’t effected my sex drive. But seems all of the antipsychotic medication have side effect on sex drive, its just a matter of how much from person to person.

same here I hate the sexual side effects thats all I hate it completely obliterated my sex drive and gave me sexual dysfunction

I would send you a pm if I could but I dont think you can there is no way to do so… but I was wondering what meds have you tried and are there any ones better then others for sexual problems/

I only have akathisia. Xanax keeps it managable so im pretty well off.

I have only tried, and i am on risperdal.

I have been on many antipsychotics in my life - I am currently on Risperdal, and I can honestly say it is the worst for sexual side effects. It messes with Prolactin and I’m sure other hormones. It does a number on one’s manhood. I take a low dose, so I can bypass some of Risperdal’s wicked side effects.

thats easy man if it had to be the illness id pick the depression, if it had to be the meds id say easily the ■■■■■■■ sedation, the constant yawning and feeling sedated/ tired all day…its a bitch to get up in the morning…and im tired all day…

you said your on a low doze, how much is the low doze considered for risperdal, i take 2mg risperdal and i am not sure if i should call it low doze maybe if i was taking 1mg than it will be low doze, if i had started on 1mg probably i would be fine, but since i started on 2, now my brain is used to whenever i tried to go down i go into depression and unable to sleep even with 10mg of ambien.

being tired and unmotivated.

I bite my tongue involuntarily when I’m on certain meds, mainly Consta, Risperdal, and Invega. I wish I didn’t do it so that I could go back on depot injections.

weight gain because i already have obesity due to this ■■■■ antipsychotics but they do lessen the loudness of the voices though

@Mindwhisperer Yeah I was on 4 mg of Risperdal at one point, so I consider 2 mg low, this is the dose I am on now. I don’t think I would do well on a 1 mg dose. At 4 mg my sex drive shut down completely. I’m doing ok at 2mg - not great but good, when it comes to certain side effects. Haven’t really tried 3 mg.