Do I sound delusional?

I can confirm that you shouldn’t join the Freemasons. Even if your beliefs are true, that one you should choose to avoid.

But everyone is telling you that you are delusional. We aren’t going to say you aren’t delusional just to make you happy

Why not? It’s not that hard

I’m starting to think you’re a troll just coming on here to get people upset and get a rise out of them.


I know this isn’t a permanent solution to the struggles but maybe you could take up cooking/making your own meals more? That way you know they’re safe. :wink:

If you’re worried about people judging you for this or calling you delusional you don’t have to tell them the “real” reason you wanna cook for yourself. Just tell them you like feeling more independent and in control of your life.

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I’m not a troll but I’ll let you believe that

I’d do that if I could, I live in a foster home

You can’t get that from strangers in an Internet forum, this should only ever come from your doctor.

Flagging for mods as this is a continuation of stuff you’ve been told to stop spamming the boards with.

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My doc misdiagnosed me

No one here can give you that reassurance I’m afraid. We’re not qualified to assess you, as you know. I’m sorry you’re going through this still.

It’s only a delusion if you totally believe your thoughts. Do you have total belief in your thoughts? Is there a thought that you know is not true? Do you have insight into these thoughts? You might want to consider :thinking:

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Yes I have insight. I just can’t stop thinking about these things though

Well if your delusional you would not have insight. Just my opinion, I’m not a psychiatrist.

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I think the same as you

Ok, those of you flagging, I know this is the same thing again. But a LOT of members constantly post the same stuff. I’m not going to close every post of hers. If it was more than one in a day, which some people do, yes, I’d close the extras.

She is allowed to post.

If you dislike her posts, back out of them and don’t participate in them.


I’m sorry, that sounds stressful.

When I feel like I’m having thoughts people would judge as “crazy” I try to label them as “Stephen King thoughts” not crazy ones.

Stephen King thoughts are thoughts that are scary and you know probably aren’t true but can’t help having. So instead of feeling shame and guilt imagine you’re a writer and your brain is just giving you ideas for stories and things to use later.


That’s good advice

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It sounds like delusions but I feel you haven’t come to the point of acceptance yet and will believe the one person who says its not delusions. You are waiting for someone to say you’re not. I know because I have been through this and still have not reached a level of acceptance but I am getting there.

But don’t delusional people lack insight?

Horse puckey. I still have thoughts about my pacemaker being an alien implant but my insight and the habits I’ve developed allow me to discount the thoughts as silly and false so they don’t bother me.