Do I look Spanish in this picutre?



Lol ive seen you post this picture over 100 times :crazy_face::crazy_face:

Yes you look spanish


hahaha do I speak irish ?


blanking lad’s…


You look Italian or Spanish or possibly even mid eastern maybe . But I know you’re Irish


You look Hispanic.


You don’t look Spanish to me. You look Anglo Saxon Caucasian


They must’ve flagged one of my posts. Never mind.


You look Irish with a Spanish tan :slight_smile:


some say yes some say no, and wheres my answer?


I think the better question is,

Why are you so obsessed with looking Spanish?


because when I tan myself I look different


Tanning is really bad for your skin and can cause cancer.


here in Ireland we don’t get much sunshine in summer and i’ll take my chances :wink:


Why don’t you just wear some bronzer if you want to look Spanish?

Or do the spray tans?


sun light and sun tan is good for certain people who can take the suns rays without any problems!


No. I don’t think you look Spanish, or Hispanic/or Latino.


You could probably pass for a Native-American in a pinch.


Do you have any other pictures?
If I’m going to be honest, that picture isn’t the best picture I’ve seen of you.
But to answer your question, no you don’t look spanish, you look middle-eastern or persian


You look “ethnic”. Interestingly enough Irish were considered minority’s “non white” in early 20th century. We learned about this in school I thought it was interesting,…that Jews, Italian and Irish were considered non white. Well that’s most of my racial makeup. It doesn’t mean I’m not considered “white” today. But it gives a bit of historical history about my ancestors. Came to USA Ellis island in early 20th century. Lived in Bronx. But by 100 years later doing pretty well. Can’t complain.