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Do I have schizophrenia? I am not sure


I often hear my thoughts like past embarrassments, my shortcomings, the traumatic experience I’ve experienced as a child, and things that exasperates me. I literally yell “shut up” every time these thought go into my minds. It happens especially when I am focused on a task like driving, doing university work. I hate it!!! I once yelled “shut up” out loud in public and the person sitting next to me asked me why

Most importantly, I am not sure if these thought are merely thoughts running through my head or I am actually hearing them at this point.

I am also diagnosed with OCD, bpd and major depressive disorder. I am also on Olanzapine, Sertraline and lurasidone. I am on the maximum dose for all these medications. I see a psychologist, psychiatrist and case manager on a weekly basis. This is due to the fact that I attempted suicide before and they are providing me with special care.

Edit: I spoke with my psychiatrist already and I am actually told I have schizophrenia like symptoms but not diagnosed with it


Talk to ur doctor asap…!!!


From what you’ve written it doesn’t really seem like you do to me. But I’m not a dr - we can’t diagnose you. Something to talk to your psychiatrist about really


Sounds like OCD, have you read the symptoms of schizophrenia?
Which ones do you think you have?


The past is the past you can’t change it or control it but you can become a better person. And forgive forgive and forgive and forgive!!! Anyone and yourself. And forgive yourself too! Don’t take things all on yourself. Just try to lay down and relax don’t stress and try to let go of the thoughts