Can someone help me understand if these are symptoms of schizophrenia?

Hello, I’m a 18 year old male. I’ve been living with symptoms for about 5 years now and have always chalked them up to OCD but recently I’ve been wondering if maybe I just have a partial case of shizophrenia or something . I have been in medication for OCD and anxiety before with little results. I’ve always been to embarrassed to discuss my symptoms in full because some of them are just off the wall bizarre to explain to somebody. I’ll make a list of my symptoms, being completely honest about them and if somebody can tell me what they think (schizophrenia, OCD, whatever) I’d be much obliged. First I should mention that I never really noticed any of these symptoms until I was 13. Ever since then they’ve become progressively worse to the point where they’ve stabilized and our bearable (most of the time) but are still a huge annoyance.

  1. I hear more or less a voice in my head that narrates my actions. Like I’ll tell myself “im eating this chicken” or whatever I’m doing.

  2. When something happens that could make me angry I tell myself “I’m not mad, I don’t care”.

  3. This ones really hard to explain but I tell myself that I won’t “take things for people” like I’ll think of something bad that could happen to somebody and I have to repeat to myself in my head " Fu(k no I wouldent take it for that person if they got hurt" or something. Basically I have to convince myself that I won’t take things that happen to other people as if that were possible (which I know it isn’t but I have to reassure myself).

  4. I have to flip light switches multiple times sometimes and touch things multiple times until I get it right.

  5. I repeat a set of mantras in my head, more so when I’m stressed out.

  6. Sometimes I have to look at something a weird way or look to the side if I suddenly feel like it.

  7. I am very unsympathetic towards others,I’m have a lot of friends and I care about my friends and family but it’s still very hard for me to share emotions. My girlfriend and I broke up last week and I started to cry and then I repeated to myself that I didn’t care about her and crying so for the weak and I immediately stopped crying and didn’t care about the situation.

I can tolerate these symptoms but sometimes they become so overbearing it’s like you just wanna lay down and forget about it. I just wish I knew what these were systems of.

Thanks for you time and answers!!!

Sounds like a combination of schizophrenia and OCD. But, don’t take my word for it. I’m just a sz/sza. Go straight to your friendly neighborhood psychiatrist, preferably at a University, and get a real diagnosis.

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Didn’t really sound schizophrenic to me. Everything you mentioned is a symptom of OCD. The voice part is a little strange, however it may also be a manifestation of OCD if it’s you feeling you need to narrate everything you say. If not maybe tell your doctor about it and see what they think. They’re the professional and we are not.

It’s more like i automatically narrate things in my head, like I don’t even think about it I just automatically narrate it. It’s in my voice though and I perceive it to be me thinking it, I don’t necessarily think it’s a voice that I’m hearing.

Also I say “no not at all” at the end of my thoughts most of the time.

thats OCD

save yourself some haldol hell or seroquel serohell

dont take anything before going to therapy

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It really sounds more like OCD. Maybe an intrusive thought, which is commonly experienced by those with OCD.

If it were psychosis, you would not recognize those thoughts as your own, you would think something else like an organization or God or aliens or something was putting those thoughts in your head. That’s called thought insertion. Or if you were actually hearing it out loud that would be an auditory hallucination which could also signify psychosis.

I agree with every one with OCD or what I think maybe a mild case of schizo which is schizotypal personality disorder but it sounds like it’s definitely not schizophrenia (complete distortion of reality) or you’d be truly set firm belief in aliens, getting followed by ex. Gov., voices that you know are not your own, etc constantly and disabling and your speech to others is all jumbled or disorganized yet to you it sounds like your getting the message across and your clumsy, etc… I know this cause I am scizophrenic and all the things I believe in are real even though everyone knows to them that it’s not and I’m still trying to comprehend the difference of all of this. But definitely go see a phycologist to know for sure! :slight_smile:

no one here can diagnose you with all honesty. you need to discuss your symptoms with a doctor.

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