Do anyone else voices do this?

sometimes, not very often, but sometimes my voices change mid sentence, mid word to a different voice, sometimes from female to male or vice versa. it’s effortless and fluid like the same person but two different people. when they try to do it to convince me of telepathy it’s stilted and obvious that that’s what they’re doing. do anybody else’s voices change mid flow like this?

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i’ve had that happen , sometimes mine will twist and warp into a distorted version of the voice, or a really deep voice instead that sounds like when you slow down a casette’s playback. and yeah, it will ocurr in mid word in the middle of a sentence.

it’s similar to a visual phenomenon iv’e noticed where the faces of certain hallucinatory people i sometimes see will twist and warp into something grotesque.

Yes… sometimes one voice will morph into another and change subject on me. I hate that. It’s like a train of thought switching the track mid trip. I hate it when my voices change their personality. If my commentator begins saying the stuff my hypnotist would say and my observer will start saying stuff my panic man will say.

The only one that has never changed is the little girl. Still the worst, still the most upsetting.

yes my voices have had my husbands voice and av seen a copy of my husband while he was here
its very confusing some times they change sex as well
The Devil and demons do that
God and the angels dont do that
Some times the voices from the radio change sex as well