Do your voices speak nonsense?

If so, like what? Mine speak to me in jumbled mush sometimes but it’s almost a code I understand exactly what they mean most the time but others not just wondered whether others experience this because it makes trying to explain them to proffessionals harder.

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no. they are always coherent and easily understandable. it would b easier if they did speak gibberish but that’s not on their agenda. xxx

Mines a bunch of nonsense but not jumbled mush. Its like somebody needing their rep

sometimes, only when they are in discussion with each other they are mumbling.
then i cant understand them, yet than so often they comeback with some sort of a conclussion
and those words i can hear loud and clear

yup, seems like nonsense but you can tell when there’s something inside it.
so i write it down and think about it,
eventually makes some sense.

i wear the rustic cap to prove my innocence.

So, today we sit here with quiet science,
but tomorrow we ring the bell of delusion.


What sort of things do your ones say? Just curious really, I’m meant to be researching that other people experience the same things as me to prove I’m not special in what I experience.

I have one that does speak non-sense. It’s just non-stop gibberish and panic babble. I’m getting so much better at ignoring that one.

My voice sounds like a damn devil. Always ■■■■■■■■ about the Christian religion

the seed time within the cloak multiplied the billy goat

fashion on the multi-nail, passion rewarding,
freedom pursuing and garden ignoring,
freezer-time nation storing;

fight for sky, rhythm head pie, all across the license-fry!

I had to cope with nonsense for two or three years. It has diminished mostly, dwindled down to a hollow voice that drones on all day to my right. I have my reason pretty much intact, but sometimes my will gives out and I revert to not much at all. I depend on my reasoning every day to get me through the noise in my head and the hallucinations that are responding to the outer environment.

Totally, there is this particular one that sounds like voices on fast forward like an old tape recording and sometimes they are the worst cause I cannot understand a flipping thing they are saying and it’s so fast! These voices also come up so out of the blue.


mine unfortunately make sense, but i do wish they would speak Russian, sometimes i’m like a “medium” to others and can pick up a Russian accent