Do any of your countries make it compulsory to take anti psychotics?

I once read that the U.S. makes it compulsory to take anti psychotics by suspending your disability payments if you do not. Is it true. Does any country in the world do this.

Because I think that’s wrong. Firstly pdocs know damn well anti psychotics have a very poor success rate, and theyre downer tabs as well.

I think the US has what is called AOT’s or Assisted Outpatient Treatment orders. Canada has CTO’s or Community Treatment Orders but to my knowledge both of these are hard to put into place and are usually after numerous breaks and admissions and where they are trying to keep the person from being inpatient again.

The US doesn’t make it compulsory to take AP’s. But the Social Security Administration may deny an application for disability benefits, based on their medical opinion that, if you were taking medications and undergoing treatment, you might not be disabled.

It’s very important to document your treatments for purposes of SSA benefits. Even patients who ARE taking meds get denied frequently.

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in the uk they can section u for 72 hours to a psychiatric hospital. they watch u take ur meds but don’t check ur mouth so u could just cheek them i s’pose. if ur violent they can hold u down and give u an acuphase injection but they can’t force u to take meds in or out of hospital.

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I used to be firmly in the “we have the right to decide if we want to take meds” camp. Now I’ve switched sides. I believe that people who refuse to take their medications should be forced. Have the cops take them in for a depot injection each month. I no longer feel a person has a right to be ill.

My pdoc gives me a paper to sign that i am going to take my meds. I never figure out what if, if i don’t take it. I live in the States, and i am not on government support.

@Malvok…but thing is anti psychotics have a very very poor success rate. I may as well be taking smarties for all their effectiveness in treating my schizophrenia. And when you factor in the negative symptoms they cause, they really should never be forced on someone. Anti psychotics have to be proven to work effectively and have to stop making people all anti social (negative symptoms, unsiociable etc etc

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Very poor? I doubt that. As far as them not working for some people, I wonder how compliant those people are. Granted, I’ve known people who still struggle even with medication, but outright refusing to take meds shouldn’t be a choice.

I’ve seen rates of 60% typically quoted as far as anti-psychotic “success” rates go - but the number varies by study a bit. I think what Malvok is saying is that everyone with schizophrenia deserves a chance to be part of that 60% - and many don’t currently get that option. When you are psychotic, its often hard to make a “rational” decision as to whether you are ill or not, and would benefit from medication.