If gp and psychiatrist think you may be experiencing psychosis are they compelled to intervene?

And push antipsychotics?

Depends on how dangerous you are and where you live


For me actually it was pretty hard to get APs. I told many Drs I had dangerous voices, they said its all stress and never took me seriously until I tried to kill myself a second time and landing in the emergency for Tylenol poisoning.

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They’re free to do what they want and so are you. But they should only force it in very dangerous situations.


when i first got diagnosed they forced ads and aps
i was pretty messed up though trying suicide several times

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By compelled do you mean by law or by duty or ideology or morality / ethics? I wonder about this myself what compels to treat in some situations

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I’m not dangerous, seems like they can come up with any excuse to meet the criteria. My previous psychiatrist was of the opinion I should be on antipsychotics for life and institutionalised just on the basis of diagnosis, he has left since thankfully. I was stable for years before I was forced antipsychotics only due to a schizophrenia diagnosis and the fact I did not want to take meds. He dug up events from many years ago in an attempt to justify a cto. The gp and mho rubberstamped the order without any asessment.

“The person is likely to be suffering from a mental disorder. Treatment is available which is likely to prevent the mental disorder worsening or alleviate symptoms or effects.”

This is one of the criteria.

I have to see a gp because I need medical evidence. I am already on enhanced rate disability. UC needs evidence that I am unable to work. Maybe I could benefit from support, if the team was reasonable, it’s a gamble. I will have to be careful what I say to them.

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If you have schizophrenia you are super easy to bully. If you can be independent I would advise that as much as possible. If you think you need support then you will have to take the risk, but it is a risk. I’m going to keep taking meds because “community” “Team” and “staff” got too much analogy that I don’t like.

No they just suggest that you should take them. Unless your a danger to others.

For several years i told my doctor i was having auditory hallucinations but i was managing ok. So he said as long as I was managing he wasnt going to send me to the psychiatrist