What happens when you won't take your meds?

I am considering , if there is such a thinng, to tell my pdoc that treatment can be given to me against my will if they feel it is necessary … and if I am having issues causing others anxiety… I would rather be forced the meds if I dont have the insight …

I don’t know the rules here in Greece, but in Denmark I think you can be given a treatment order if you become psychotic and don’t take your meds.
If you perform a crime while psychotic, your “punishment” can be that you have to live at a mental ward and take meds whether you want to or not until someone decides you’re sane enough to be reintroduced to society.

I knew a girl who did four years for several arson and vandalism charges

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become a person with intellectual deficit / simly saying : retaxded/ dementia ,like now

Nothing really to me. People want me on them, but my issues dont improve much, especially when thats all they offer.

This is why I hate the mental health system. If you don’t come willingly they can force the issue without your consent

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Without my meds I go crazy and started hearing/seeing things. I get delusional and end up in the psych ward. No way I am stopping my meds

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I become psychotic, homicidal and suicidal. I threaten ppl online and get in trouble with the cops etc

I become severely depressed and agitated and my thoughts go jumbled

I dont reckon they would ever force me to take mine - and i have refused the jab before, but always given in, when ive realised im being an idiot and actually need them.

They do hound me daily tho - in a nice way if im ever late. But im also fiercely defensive of my ability of having mental capacity (and i tell them!)

The first thing to crop up is anxiety when im without - and that always feeds one of my long standing delusions. My EUPD traits come thru as well - and my mood starts changing on an hourly basis.

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cops showed up at my house one time and escorted me to get my shot when i wouldnt show up for appts. now i take my meds voluntarily.

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