Do any of you have lgbt families?

or communities and are the only straight one?

Here’s my former gf, lilith.

download !


I don’t understand the picture. I do have both lesbian and gay cousins.

I think my grand nephew and grand niece might be gay but, it is too soon to tell. I have strong suspicions. They are both in their mid teens. No one else in my family is gay besides me. I am bi.

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My mom’s older brother – my uncle – was gay. He was one of those who caught AIDS in the 80s and passed in the 90s. Miss him SO MUCH, just an incredible guy. Never forgave large chunks of my family for how they treated him after he came out. They can burn in hell.



My uncle was gay but died in 1986 because of aids

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I can’t hear anything this guy says. My hearing is so bad. I turned the volume all the way up. Can’t hear. This guy reminds me of my deceased son a little bit. Same stocky build, same buzz cut, same flat affect, same lack of eye contact. My son was sz.

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Thank you, @thenextinline, but, I still couldn’t hear. And I have both my hearing aids in. They only do so much good and that’s it. But, thank you anyway.

I think I’m the only one I know who isn’t strictly heterosexual. I have a lot of family members too so you’d think one or two would be. I’m bisexual but I don’t feel like an LGBT person because I date members of the opposite sex pretty much exclusively. I personally am just glad I can date the people I find attractive, that’s all I ever wanted.

I love hanging out with gay guys though, they are so open and easy to talk to. I treat them like all-knowing sages because they seem to be right about a lot of things.

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Phil’s son has a male boyfriend

I really hope they get married

but who am I to say?

They came over at Christmas

I just love these guys.

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