Kids and illnesses

i’m worried my partner’s little sister, nieces and nephews will find out i’m sick with a mental illness. they already know I don’t work. i’m also worried about them finding out my partner and I are gay. my mother in law said she is trying to teach my partner’s little sister that homosexuality is wrong and not to approve of the life style ( she said choice but that is in accurate)

I have paranoia and fears that if they found out they will reject kay and i .

Once again, I’m astounded at the level of disfunction you deal with. Your partner’s family are horrible people, and I know it’s easier said than done, but you two need to save yourselves and get out if there and away from them. You’re in an unnecessarily vulnerable position, living as if you’re some kind of criminal! You’re not a criminal! You have nothing to bd ashamed of or sorry for! Please do something, anything, to get yourself into s healthier environment. I don’t know how you do it. :heart:


@Hedgehog you are right, last time we were on our own we failed due to rent being increased by my partner’s aunt. we lived in a house that we were renting from her aunt and uncle. lived their three months before being forced to move out on Christmas day. this time we don’t want to live in a home owned by her family or my family.

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Omg, you are both victims of systematic abuse by that family. I always hesitate, believe it or not, to respond too strongly to some of your posts, @cbbrown. I don’t want to come across as critical of you or your partner. Believe me, I’ve been in abusive situations and allowed it, until I woke up… I absolutely understand financial hardship too. But there is always always another option. I sincerely hope and pray that you two will liberate yourselves. :heart:
Oh, and PS, if someone is trying to brainwash their child to believe homosexuality is wrong, that has nothing to do with you! You live honestly and they can deal with it…Be who you are and don’t be ashamed. It’s never wrong to live honestly. You just may be a great example of truth and bravery to that child.


Seriously get out of that house now. What is your budget for an apartment right now? Even section 8 housing would be better than a place where they’re bringing up their kids to think of you as a monster for simply being alive!


omg…I am so sorry for everything you have to deal with @cbbrown
I agree with hedgehog, you have got to get out of that environment. They don’t already know your partner is gay? So the family doesn’t even accept her. WOW!

I know you are strong more than you know yourself. You have put up with so much bs and still here. So use that strength and both of you get far away as fast as possible. There is nothing wrong with you two, they are the problem and have some major issues. I wouldn’t want my children exposed to them and their hateful thinking and ways.

I am sorry I am being mean. I hate to be mean. But there is a point when you just got to say enough is enough with them and move on anyway you can. There has got to be another option you aren’t seeing on how to get out of there sooner.

Believe me I know those prejudices, my family were like that. I set them straight and told them they would never EVER speak like that around me or my children. I can’t change their beliefs but I don’t and won’t subject any of my family to it. They chose to keep their mouths shut around us so they could keep a relationship going. If they won’t do at least that for their daughter and you, then sometimes you just have to cut ties.


obviously her parents are already rejecting you. Please know in your heart and mind that there is nothing wrong with you or your partner - this is not your fault and nothing not even the smallest bit of this is your wrongdoing. It is all them.


I’m sorry you and your mate deal with so much crap…I wish you both the best…I wouldn’t worry about younger ones knowing and being upset they already like you nothing would change … My 6 year old knows his daddy is on meds for being sick and sometimes it makes me act funny…lol he doesn’t care I still do stuff with him just might take longer sorry for the block I wish you happyness